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The fragments of an interview

Updated on February 17, 2012

Can you tell me about yourself?

Myself? Well, I am a person who has a lot of idiosyncrasies. People often call me funny, crazy and all sorts of debasing names. I don't know why I was seen as a pariah though. I done a lot of soul-searching work but still I could not search my soul in this labyrinth. As you know, my soul is playing hide-and-seek with me all day long. It does not look fatigued, unlike me. Well, that is the enigma of life, don't you think so? Moreover, I do not espouse the belief of spirituality. Forget about all this baloney. Ha! Sometimes we need wisecracks, don't we? Let me tell you straight- I am an accountant, an officer, a supervisor, a surgeon, a philosopher; I am everything, I am omnipotent, just like God. Well everyone has a Buddha in them, so that means I am a God. I couldn't really delineate myself though. My character is fickle. Sometimes I might be infuriated at inflation, and sometimes I might be pacified with buying a MacBook Air.

Hmm, that is interesting. So you talked about inflation. Can you elaborate on that?

Sure. Inflation is a bane, a bugbear for all of us. With inflation, we cannot live as happy as before, when we were blessed with unlimited food and provisions. I become so stingy when inflation precipitated that people dislike me soon after. That might be why I am seen as a pariah. Anyway, I become stingy for an obvious reason: inflation. I stopped buying de rigueur apparel, decrease my spending on food and stuff, and I didn't even dare to bathe for more than a minute at home. I become cadaverous, haggard and weak. I see strands of grey hair in the mirror of my bathroom when I am brushing my teeth. I was just like a demon, with a pair of lackadaisical eyes and a pallid expression. I am in a limbo. I don't know what to do with inflation, with that calamity. It is tantamount to any natural disaster, metaphorically speaking.

That is really miserable. I hope you can continue to persevere and in no time will you see success. Inflation aside, can you talk about a funny experience you had?

Something funny? I have never ever had a funny experience. I am serious. I live because I need to suffer. I need to encounter obstacles. My life is never a smooth one. If it is, why would I worry about living? Nowadays, people replied my questions curtly, compared my work performances and I myself have innumerable tasks to do. I need to earn a living, commute to work, read up on newspapers, and buy groceries. Sometimes I would think about the inconvenience of eating. I detest the necessity to eat; if we don't need to eat, then time can be used more productively. With food, we need to defecate, and that takes up a lot of time.Funny is subjective, and I don't think we need to be funny, given that we need to find ways and measures to boost the economy. How can living be funny?

I agree. Thank you so much for your time to be interviewed. Do you have any more to add?

Yes. Interviews are only fragments of one's thinking.

Okay, sir. I will notify you when your job position is ready. In the mean time, I would encourage you to read up on business books, especially books on how to excel an interview. Thank you very much.


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