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The fragments of an interview 4

Updated on December 12, 2011

I do have one question, Mr Scott. Do you want me to come back for another interview, perhaps with some of the other decision-makers here? I am always available for the second, third, or fourth round of interviews.

Well, yes of course. We will notify you by telephone and e-mail on whether you are being shortlisted or not. We will also inform you about the time and date for the next round of the interview. I really appreciate your interest in our company.

No problem, Mr Scott. Inevitably, it is my duty to help your company in whatever way I can. When may I expect to hear from you? need time to ponder over all the interviews we are conducting. It is hard for me to give you a definite answer, but I speculate that within a week or thereabouts we will be calling you.

Okay, no problem. Thank you for taking your time, Mr Scott. I have enjoyed this interview very much and I'm very sanguine that my contributions for your company will be valuable. Oh yes, Mr Scott, I really love this job, and I have been hankering for this position since I was ten. I have to say this honestly: can you offer me this job, please? I know this seems fatuous, but my intuition says that I am going to be very happy to work here.

I...I...well I have to say that you performed very well in the interview. You elaborated every detail and you are more courteous than the other candidates I had interviewed earlier. You are really an exemplary and experienced gem, and I couldn't reject you. But...but I couldn't betray my friend, you see...

Your friend? You mean you have a friend who is a candidate for this job? How can you playing those wicked, despicable tricks on me and the others? How could you espouse favoritism? That is so ludicrous!

Yes! I am cheating you. I have invited you for the interview despite the fact that I have already hired my friend for the position, and I know from the beginning that I have absolutely no intention of hiring you, not in a million years. I confess that I have a personal friend I have already agreed to give the job to. I feigned to choose candidates, including my friend, and pretended to interview all of you as though the job opening were still available. You would be automatically get rejected. I am so, so sorry...

I am so baffled...I am leaving! Now I know that you are playing this little trick! You wasted my time and effort! You wasted everything!

Please did extremely well in this interview. I believe that you can find a similar job in the workforce soon, very soon, in two days or so. I am struggling in this quandary, I don't know whether to choose my friend or you. If I choose you, my friend will get livid and our relationship will be broken. He is my best friend for so many years. I am so sorry about this reprehensible trick...

Okay then. I don't care. I don't care who are your friends! I am leaving!


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