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The fragments of an interview 5

Updated on December 20, 2011

Good morning, Ms Meringue. My name is Mr Face, the honcho here. Thank you for coming to this interview, and I appreciate your punctuality too. Okay, let's start now. So, can you tell me what brings you to this metropolis?

Thank for your greetings, Mr Face. I was invited by my friend, Ms Pudding, to help her in her work. You know, she is inundated with all those paperwork she have, and she have no choice but to delegate some to me. Since my former company I had worked for was recently downsized, it portended that I am going to be penniless if I don't find a job soon. Luckily, I utilized LinkedIn to get in touch with my friend, Ms Pudding, and asked her if she had any job vacancies. I couldn't believe it when she said she was urgently in need of a person, who is experienced in the teaching profession sector, to do some paperwork and other clerical stuff. And here I am, sanguine about my contributions to your company.'s good that you are familiar with a personnel of our company. Tell me about your friendship.

Ms Pudding is simply the best. Oh! I mean, I'm sorry if I sounded too biased. Anyway, she is such a good friend - always willing to lend a helping hand, offer good advice, or just share her cheerful, vivacious personality. Moreover, at our informal rendezvous, we would frequently talk about our work-related news. I have been learning a lot about the teaching pedagogues and such. I am very enthusiastic about contributing to the teaching service. With a proven track record of my contributions, I find that I befit your job requirements.

When you aren't working, what do you like to do?

I volunteer to teach for free. I have been doing this for one year. I also counseled embittered and chagrined students and offered them advice on how to get better grades.

Why do you think the appeal of being top in one's studies remains to this day?

I think it is because of competition and entrenched beliefs. I learned from parents and parenting forums that their children have been facing stiff competition in school and exams. It is invidious that the elite in each school are being looked up upon and all elite pupils are awarded money. This does not encourage the others to work harder; instead, this will emasculate their confidence. Also, students are being brainwashed at the outset of their education, that they have to excel in their studies so that they will have a job with excellent remuneration. However, I think this is a delusion, and it only makes students feel pressurized.

What response do you expect to receive from the public about your work here?

Well, since this is a controversial job where I need to impugn the current education system, I expect to see and hear refutations. Even if they are acerbic, I will stay calm and do my job. I know that what I am doing is right and will benefit the future society.

Wow, that is so true! You are hired, Ms Meringue! Congratulations!


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