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The keys

Updated on November 12, 2015

The keys are hanging on the wall.

They find no real purpose in coming back home

and walking through door

into a house that has nothing to offer.

Which way to go?

I don't know.

They take me everywhere

before i return home.

The last evening

it was a bit strange.

I found you standing outside the door.

I never thought you would be here

after all those lonely years.

Do you still remember where we used to put keys?

Do you know it's still there?

I kept on waiting for you

to take another step

towards the hiding zone,

take out the keys

and try it for once.

I'd have ran across in a heartbeat

to catch you in my arms.

It would not have taken more than a step for you.

And i was ready to take you back into my life

You waited too long.

Waiting for me

to come

and take you inside.

Inside that door

which cannot trust you again

unless you trust them back.

I kept on waiting

turned away in the dark.

I don't know when did you leave.

I don't want to know what brought you here.

The night has a long journey to make

before it catches the story of

another locked door,

another set of keys

hanging by the wall.

We fear it would never open up

the same way

and take us back

to the same place.


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