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The Kiss And The Prelude.

Updated on December 12, 2009

She leaned in with

the neck of a graceful swan
and nuzzled her lips

close to mine brushing
feather soft across them

and then molding against them
breathing with me

as her body nestled
into the hardening

warmth that awaited her
forehead to forehead,

eyes closed in the sheer

pleasure of what would

soon become two as one.

Tongue tips emerged,

and collided in electric sparks,
as lips meshed and floated

together upon liquid waves of joy
fingers disagreeing with arms

found other places to split off to,

and pleasure was tenderly added

like spices to the steamy kiss.

Her eyes were closed

from the sheer pleasure
of what was to come

as the dawning light
parted into a summer

sun warming hot lips

in stereo gripping and slipping
while flesh entwined

in a mix as sweet
and  fragrantlyas tasty

as cherry wine.




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