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The little bird in my garden

Updated on May 17, 2012

There is a little bird, cute and small

Yellow, black and blue stripes

On her wings

Small beak, mischievous eyes

Full of vitality, enthu and life

Pair of eyes always rolling

In the cups of sockets

Swims in the air, dances on plants and trees

We are close friends, play together

She flies up and down

I run here and there

My frock, ribbon and arms

In unison, trying to move up in the air

I try to imitate her flying

By spreading my arms

Running in circles

Body bent towards the arc's center

She does by moving along

From one bush to other

The trees, branches or pillars

When we get tired

We take a break, truly earned

She sits on one of the nearby branches

And I on a chair

She drinks water

From the pot kept in the lawn

I sip from my plastic glass

I eat my chocolates

And pass it on

She gobbles it up in a jiffy

Her eyes saying thanx a ton

Again we start playing

We can not talk

But understand

I yell out to her

And she responds, chirping

Both of us enjoy

The warmth, caring and love

So abundant in our case

Without any effort, heartburn

We thank almighty for giving this knack

To experience love which is all pervasive

Only thing missing, the eyes to see and gather

The beauty of life, nature's gaity and romance


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