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The loneliest One

Updated on February 3, 2012

The Loneliest One

On the front page of the local paper:

“Woman Killed”

I knew her, she was younger than me, a friend of my sisters from long ago

When we were all young, teenagers

She babysat for a friend of mine for many years

She was at my first wedding,

I have her high school graduation picture

And she is in other photos.

We all knew one another in the small town, ran around, stayed involved, you know how it is,

Over the years you get on with life

Some of us moved, some moved and came back and some of us

Never left.

I would see her sometimes, we would always talk for a while,

Catch up a bit.

Once at the grocery store, she saw me and came over to say hi

She looked sad,

So sad….

Said it seemed like no matter how hard she tried, that nothing changed, or got better,

I tried to reassure, told her things would get better,

Don’t give up,

She just looked at me, tears filling her eyes, and said..

No, I don’t think anything is going to get better.

Then she straightened up and apologized,

Said she didn’t mean to bother me, and everything was fine

Just fine.

After that I would see her occasionally over the years, she was more distant,

A little harder,

she had a wall built around her

It’s one way to cope

I wish now that I could have known what to say or do, to help her

A common wish.

I wonder if she ever knew true love,

Had someone who loved her, just for her self,

I don’t know.

So now her life here on earth is done.

Peace at last now, sister

In the heavenly home,

Rest in the heart of the one

Who loves the most,

The ones who were loved




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    • pjpitts profile image

      pjpitts 5 years ago from United States


    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I will remember this poem tomorrow as I go about my daily activities, talking to people, making sure, thanks to this reminder, that I pay close attention and let them know that I care. Thank you for this!

    • anartiststyle profile image

      anartiststyle 6 years ago from FL

      Wow how touching this is :( Well written, pulls at the heart strings and makes you wonder if in your daily routine you meet someone like her, how could I know or help, maybe by reading this I will have my guard up a little more to look for it! Thanks for the share, great hub.