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The Look Alike and Glorious Love

Updated on June 11, 2020
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An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.

The beginning

Raja Hari Singh entered a seedy bar in the capital of India. His driver parked the car outside and looked at the Raja.

"Sir," he asked, "what are my orders?"

"You wait here till I come back" instructed the Raja.

The Raja entered the seedy bar and the Durban(gateman) seeing the class of the man allowed him in with a salute. Inside the atmosphere was smokey with loud music being played and in one corner on a small pedestal a naked Kerala girl danced to a Bollywood tune. Hari Singh made his way to the bar counter and sat down. The barman looked at him and realized that there was a man who was a cut above the ordinary.

" Your poison, sir?" he asked

" Single Malt, the best available, preferably The Macallan"

The barman smiled," Sir not many drinks this and I will be delighted to mix your drink"

The Raja realized why he was sitting in a seedy bar when he could be sitting in a luxurious five-star hotel bar. He realized his life was in a mess as he loved the cousin of his wife and somehow his wife detested him. 10 years of marriage and no progeny and his father the old king and mother queen was getting worried. They wanted an heir to the small kingdom of Jind which they ruled. Raja Hari Singh was immersed in his own psychological problem; a Chimera, a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature. He wanted to get away from it all.

The Tryst

As the barman brought the drink he looked into the mirror and was in for a shock. He saw another man also ordering a drink and he could hear that he was ordering the good old rum. His pulse quickened as he realized that the man was a carbon copy of him. A duplicate; a twin, he wondered if such a thing was possible.

The man also looked into the mirror and then looked at Raja Hari Singh and he was also in a state of shock. He opened his mouth to say something but then the Barman served the rum.

Hari Singh was the first to speak, "I think he said you are my twin"

The man smiled," yes sir, anybody could take us to be twins but we are not twins. By the way, my name is Major Ronnie Gomes. I have been demobilized after the war and I'm looking for a job."

The Raja looked at Hari Singh with a clear eye and said," I am Raja Hari Singh ruler of the state of Jind"

The words seem to hit the man like a sledgehammer and he looked at Raja Hari Singh in shock and awe. Gomes's mind was working feverishly and a sixth sense told him that a job was on his way.

In that split-second, a devilish plan developed in the mind of the Raja. He looked at Gomes and said," I have a plan, my friend, let us interchange places. You become the raja for 30 days and I will be free to roam around the country and go to Calcutta. After 30 days I will ring you and we will again interchange places."

Gomes was in a bit of a quandary," I don't know," he said," whether it will be successful"

"Of course, it will be, if you play your cards properly. When you go to Jind keep your goggles on. Come now into the corner of the bar where we will sit and I will give you the picture of the palace and all who stay there so that you are ready when you go to Jind. Do you accept?"

"What is in it for me"

"My man, you get to be a Raja for 30 days, and in the end, I will give you a hundred thousand Rupees to go and restart your life. Come now to that Coroner"

The Imposter

After the detailed briefing and interchange of dresses, Ronnie Gomes looked like Raja Hari Singh. He carried with him four parcels given by the Raja which as briefed by him were to be given as gifts in the palace. The Raja had told him that the gifts were for his wife the rani, his wife's cousin Princess Usha and his mother and father. He sat immersed in his thought at the back seat of the Rolls-Royce and pinched his arm. 'Hell', he thought 'could all this be real?'

The Rolls now picked up speed and soon it began to thunder along the highway to words Jind. He was recognized as the Raja and he was swiftly driven to the palace. The liveried waiters and attendants came out and guided the major to his chamber. One of the attendants put the four packages on a table and left. Ronnie realized that Raja Hari Singh was not in the best of terms with his wife Princess Jayashri and that is why he slept alone.

At 8:30 a message was brought by an attendant. It was a small note from Princess Usha it read 'are you joining us for dinner tonight?'.

Gomes was wondering what to do but then he pressed the bell and the attended appeared." Look, my man," Gomes said, "come at 8 o'clock and take me to the dining hall and bring these packages with you."

The attendant looked surprised at this request but he did not say anything and went away. Ronnie looked around the room and was happy with what he saw. He realized that he was living a wonderful dream and he wanted to make the most of it. After a leisurely bath, he took out a dress from the wardrobe and wore it. It fitted him very well as he and Raja Hari Singh were the same built.

The Fiasco

At 8 o'clock the attendant led him to the dining hall and he found the four-persons sitting. From the description given by Raja Hari Singh, he could make out the father and the mother. He saw a young girl and surmised she was Princess Usha. He looked around and saw a beautiful lady and Ronnie realized she was Princess Jayashree, the wife of Raja Hari Singh.

"Welcome back from the capital my son," the elder Raja said

"Thank you, your highness I have brought a gift for all of you."

There was pin-drop silence around the room and the princess Usha spoke, "you have never brought any gift before why have you brought it now, and do you want to give these gifts publicly to us?"

Ronnie realized he had committed a faux pas but now he had to carry on with the charade. "Yes my dear," he replied, "I am now going to open these gifts and give each of you a small present from me. First I will like to give a gift to my wife Princess Jayashree."

There was again pin drop silence around the room and the eyes of princess Usha were blazing with anger. "You have never done this before," she said.

"There is a change this time my dear Usha," said Ronnie as he began to unwrap the first package for princess Jayashree. As he unwrapped the package out tumbled a beautiful set of French lingerie. With a trembling hand, he handed it to Princess Jayashri who was delighted. She looked at him with clear eyes and said," you have never done this before."

Ronnie looked at Princess Usha who was now looking at him with anger. That is the time he realized that Raja Hari Singh had meant this lingerie to be given to Princess Usha and he had given it to princess Jayshree. He realized that Raja had committed one mistake by not telling him that these gifts were to be given privately. He opened the other packages and the gift he handed to Usha was a pen. The princess immediately got up from the table leaving the Pen. She was furious.

The mother looked at her son and said, " I am glad Hari Singh that you have accepted princess Jayashree as your partner how". Princess Jayshree was smiling at him.

Ronnie realized that he had committed a mistake so he thought best to make an excuse and leave. "Your highness," he said addressing his father," I have eaten heavily on the way and I really cannot eat anything more so please excuse me."

Ronnie Gomes left the table and went to his chamber. He sat down on the bed wondering what to do. There was a soft knock on the door and princess Jayshree entered. Ronnie could make out that she was very beautiful. To him, she appeared almost like a reincarnate of the Goddess Rukmani, the beloved of Lord Krishna.

Princess Jayshree went up to him and put her arms around him and said," I am so glad you have accepted me, now kiss me and take me to my chamber."

Ronnie Gomes's mind was now working feverishly and he wondered what he was supposed to do. He followed his instinct and cradled the princess in his arms and slowly walked towards her chamber. When he came out he realized he did not know where to go. He hesitated for a moment till the princess pointed out to him, "take the door to the right it looks like that for years you have not come to me and you have forgotten where I sleep."


Ronnie now entered the Princess's chamber and took her to the bed. Carrying the princess cradled in his arms acted like an aphrodisiac for him. She clung to him whispering," it's been six years that you had me, all the time you were sleeping with Princess Usha I am so glad, now make love to me."

Ronnie was overtaken by emotion as he removed the princess blouse and sari to bare her. He realized how beautiful she was and wondered why Raja Hari Singh was more interested in Princess Usha. Now the God Krishna appeared on the scene and Ronnie was overcome by passion as he kissed the nipples of princess Jayshree. What followed was a long night of hedonistic pleasure. The princess clung to him throughout the night and Ronnie kissed every inch of her body. After it was all over the princess kissed him and whispered, " your highness you are not Hari Singh you are someone else though you look like Hari Singh"

The words went through the mind of Ronnie Gomes and all he could say was," what makes you think I am not Raja Hari Singh?"

The princess replied, " I'm not sure. it is just my hunch because there are some things you did during the lovemaking which Hari Singh never a did."

Ronnie Gomes's mind worked furiously, he thought to say something and said," my princess you are wrong what all I have done was in the throes of passion, I am actually Hari Singh only and don't think I am not"

Princess Jayshree smiled and again kissed Ronnie, " I don't know," she said," I have a feeling you are not Hari Singh but all the same I am happy and not only that I am ovulating and I may give an heir to the state of Jind."

Ronnies heartbeats quickened and as the Princess Jayashree repeatedly kissed him, it culminated in another acme of joy.

The next morning as advised by Raja Hari Singh he kept a low profile and was walking in the corridor of the palace when he stopped and saw princess Usha coming towards him.

"What has come over you?" she asked, " you never came to me yesterday night and you have brought a stupid present for me while you give intimate lingerie to princess Jayshree."

She stepped forward and give a resounding slap to Ronnie Gomes and went away. Ronnie realized that everything is not simple and now he would have to play his cards very skilfully. The die was cast as far as princess Jayshree was concerned and he had a feeling that the princess knew he was an impostor. Yet she was so much now in love with him that she would not say a word to anybody.

Ronnie kept a low profile spending most of the time with Princess Jayashree whom he made love repeatedly during the day and night. 30 days passed in a jiffy and then the princess quietly told him, that her periods were overdue and she was probably carrying the heir of the state of Jind.

Ronnie was nonplussed about what to answer.

The Princess told Ronnie she had confided to the queen mother and she's very happy. The mother in turn passed the information to the palace physician.

Another twist in the story took place as from Calcutta on completion of 30 days Raja Hari Singh rang up the physician and asked him how things were. The good man did not know this was the real Hari Singh and he was speaking from Calcutta. So all you said was," your highness I congratulate you, I think princess Jayshree is in the family way."

Murder and the finale

The words of the physician hit Raja Hari Singh like a ton of bricks. He realized his gamble had misfired. He immediately rang up Major Gomez in the palace and spoke to him. He told him, " Ronnie our deal is over, please meet me at the same bar where we met for the first time tomorrow, and once more we will revert our places."

Ronnie could only say okay. He went to the chamber of the Princess Jayashri and made desperate love to her as the princess held him in alarms she told him, " I do not know what is happening but in case you are a duplicate or someone else please tell me or call me later and I will come to you."

Ronnie did not reply to anything but left in the Rolls-Royce towards the same city bar where he had met the Raja the first time.

Unknown to Ronnie the Raja had bought a deadly poison along with him and he had already reached the bar and two glasses were arranged. In one of the glasses, he poured the deadly poison as he had decided that it would be in the best interest that Ronnie is eliminated. Once, Ronnie was eliminated nobody will know, and even if princess Jayshree had some suspicion she could not open her mouth.

Ronnie entered the bar and saw the Raja sitting at the counter.

The Raja smiled at him and said, "come my friend you have done a great job and all great jobs must have a good ending. Let us start straight away with the drink to celebrate the past one month." He handed the glass to Ronnie and said, " you drink it, my friend, as I am in a hurry and am leaving." He left happy.

In the Mahabharata when the princess Draupadi was being disrobed by the brother of Duryodhana in front of the full court it is Lord Krishna who appeared and saved the princess. Dushasun the brother of the Duryodhan could not unravel the sari of Draupadi.

Lord Krishna played his hand here also and just as Ronnie picked up the glass a ruckus broke out in the bar. A hefty Sardar got up and began to shout at the waiter. He punched another person and soon a small brawl began. The Sardar was pretty strong and he gave a mighty blow to a waiter who skidded across the bar and hit the counter. Ronnie had put the glass on the bar and as the waiter hit the bar the glass toppled and fell over.

He looked down at the spilled whiskey and saw a small cat lap the liquid and then slowly he saw the cat going into a corner and dying. Ronnie realized the nefarious trick of Raja Hari Singh.

He ordered another drink as he realized that both he and the Raja were now one all and he was free. He drank the whiskey and realized that he loved Princess Jayashree. He wondered whether he should go back and claim the princess or let sleeping dogs lie. Did Ronnie go back and claim the princess who was carrying his child or did he just go away. That my friend is another story.


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