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The machine and an honest man

Updated on October 25, 2016

Once upon a time,

there lived a ringmaster and a joker,

the best friends they were,

one night, they simultaneously seen,

themselves in a dream,

They saw a huge machine with anxiety,

this was nothing but the society,

from which the birth of a human being,

can take place, but several things,

were have to be followed,

by both the fellows,

who were fortunately being blessed,

to produce human being as an honest,

The manufacturer (God) of this machine,

enabled them to operate upto five times,

They were very anxious to produce the man,

a very honest person which can,

change the evils of society,

of all it's variety,

They began their work with enthusiasm,

and got success with great charm,

suddenly their smiles disappeared,

when a leader of ruling party appeared,

as their first product,

very cruel in conduct,

the first effort was ruined,

but they firmly tried to find,

the second product as an honest person,

but still the success was in diversion,

the second product was also a leader,

of the opposite party's header,

which stretched the paws of destruction,

to destroy the humanity was his passion,

But the ringmaster and the joker,

did not loose patience, as they were,

still firm in creating an honest person,

and got their third production,

Oh God, they cried,

to stop the machine they tried,

but ultimately the merchant appeared,

who stopped the supply of grains and cheered,

raised the price of goods very high,

the people began to cry,

The creators again tried with their full swings,

they produced their fourth product which sings,

a song of corruption in the system of society,

it was nothing but an officer with cruelty,

in it's nature and behavior,

with all of it's staff members,

The creators shouted desperately, at God,

being aggrieved of their failure having got,

the four dishonest persons as their products,

decided to create their last product,

which surely be an honest man,

the God blessed them,

The effort was about to begin,

being afraid of it, the four products think,

that their end is about to come,

they decided to do some,

collectively all the four products,

with their most cruel conduct,

killed the creators of that social machine,

the cries of creators were left behind,

They simultaneously came out of dream,

and began to think about society's stream,

they found the resultant of their own,

that nothing could be done alone,

the dying society can not be saved,

until all the hands are not waved.


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