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The madness of shearer

Updated on November 9, 2015

Guy did great as a commentator,till his cheese slid of its cracker.

The madness of Shearer
After England's exit,Shearers guard came down
Brought shame on himself,looked like a clown
He said of Rooney,he should go back to training
And clout Ronaldo,what's the man saying.
Encouraging violence,thug behaviours not on
What was he thinking,one of England's sons
He should be sacked,for what he said
Kids would have heard him,if they were out of bed.
Imagine if you dare,kids took it to heart
Going about hitting people,let's hope it doesn't start.
He should go on TV,and apologise for his lapse
Maybe he'd be forgiven,maybe,perhaps.
I understand passion,I'm Scottish after all
Not kicking heads,it's about kicking a ball
Momentary lapses,not thinking before speaking
It's no excuse,it's football he should be teaching
Get kids on your side,tell the joys of the game
Not stupid comments that are totally insane.

Public face.

when we crack up its generally to a minor audience, the footballer cracking up is not afforded this luxury.the get taunted for weeks in the press and other media.god forbid they make a major mistake,then it's worse.they're actions are forever displayed on the television clip shows and out take shows.their public boob is forever replayed to their despair.

Big money,even bigger mistakes.

footballers are funny,occasionally rather mad

displaying their public wares,kind of makes it sad

try to redeem themselves,with a public humiliation

doesn't convince anyone,just a played out situation.

never seen as sincere,only portrayed self serving and greedy

depending on the embarrassment,can even be seen as seedy.

Great sport.

for all the press intrusion,

football is great to see

spectacle unrivalled,

i love it ,pleases me

every night on tv

every weekend too

cannot get enough of it

watch every game it is true.


tv money is a good thing most of the time.for supporters of the so called smaller teams rely on this type of money.if a smaller team is awarded a bigger team in a draw at home,the money can be the difference between survival or going bust .

More technology.

the increase of technology in sport is quite a good thing.the use of line camera judges,goal line technology can only improve the games honesty,we have all seen over the years your team or another bearring the brunt of either a bad refereeing decision that costs clubs literall millions of pounds and on occassions Cups.hope fully it will be used more and more.

Blotch on the landscape.

the blight of every country is the supporters intent on dragging a countries reputation through the mud.the hooligans that are only interested in promoting violence at the game,instead of watching the actual spectacle which is a wonderful's a shame this exists.police do all they can,but inevitably there's one or two of these people skip through the search now and again.

Ideal world for the game.

in an ideal world there would be no hooligans,football does have its detractors,it's the end of the day football does give young guys and girls a purpose in their young life's to look up to.a career if your good enough can afford you a great lifestyle.even if it doesn't it keeps you very fit which is also a good thing.

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