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Big Man On Campus

Updated on June 13, 2016

He is 45 years old and happened to be my very good friend, he is a perfect gentleman and always wanted to make sure that he leave smile on the face of any troubled soul that come close to him. Nonso Pumpkin as he is fondly called has four kinds among whom is Junior. Junior was named after his Dad and is the element in their family,always guiding his younger ones and above all, never for one disobeyed his parents.

Nonso Pumpkin organised a never forget party for his son last year to commemorate his entrance into the University to study Law. One thing he considered a very big achievement because he wanted to be a Lawyer himself but somehow missed to connect the dots and like every desperado, he left the shores of Nigeria for Italy to secure a greener pasture.

On the day he tagged, 'The best day of my life'. He had something to share with his Son so when he picked up the microphone, i felt that knew what he wanted to share with him, i felt that he wanted to tell him how proud he is to have him as a son, i felt that he wanted to tell him how much he love him and how well he has done, i felt that he wanted to be a proud father to a proud son so i rested on the chair to hear my friend make his lovely speech but instead of what i felt, he sent tears to my eyes...

...Nonso my dear son, you are my everything and in you i see myself. I know that you are a good lad but the world you are about to roll into is a different world, everything in the university is different from what you know, you will be circling in the circle of pretty babes every given day and also in the circle of MEN not boys, my son you are just 17. I was 21 when i got admitted to study Law just like you but i lasted just one year at the University because i chose the wrong circle. My son, there are people you will meet who are there to destroy others and not to study, there are so many lies that seems like truth but please do not embrace cultism. I am sending you to the University to study Law and not to fight a fellow student, not to kill a fellow student, not to rape a fellow student, not to shoot your lecturer and not to smoke nor drink.

My Son, they call it fraternity and i have no problem with the orientation but things has gone so wrong and now, the principals set by the founding fathers has been turned into brutality so please do not make the mistake i made. Junior, you don't have to join any cult to be THE BIG MAN ON CAMPUS and you don't have to fight a fellow student to win a girl friend.Please son walk away from trouble all the time. I would have been a Lawyer today but i was dumb and participated in her rape so i was expelled and i still live with the guilt as i speak up today. Jessica Omoro,please forgive me for what we did to you, my conscience has never left me ever since that fateful night but find a place in your heart to forgive me wherever you are. Son, you are my replica but do not be like me when you get to the University.

Why did your parents send you to the University? Pumpkin isn't talking to Junior alone, you too...



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