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The man, son and donkey: moral short stories for kids

Updated on July 7, 2017

The moral lesson from this story is whatever you do you will never please everyone. Whatever you do, surely you will find people who disagree and criticize you. The moral lesson from this short story is always do what you feel is right. Ignore people's criticism and decide the right thing for yourself. Joha, the son and the donkey can be a good moral story for small children and adults too.

Once upon a time there was a father (Joha) and his son whom had a donkey. The father (Joha) and his son used to live in a small village and they also used to work in a farm. They had a donkey that they used to ride to go for errands in that small village. One day in the morning the father and the son took their donkey in their way to the market. The father (Joha) rode the donkey and his son walked along him. People in the village saw the father was riding the donkey and his son walking along him. Joha heard people in the village whispered to each other and saying " how could the father be so selfish to ride the donkey alone while leaving his son walking on his feet to get tired?" "Oh such a selfish hardhearted father". John and his son heard what the villagers have whispered to each other and he got embarrassed. He said to his son "come on my son, you ride the donkey and I will walk on my feet". The son obeyed his father John and rode the donkey. They continued in their way to the field. John heard villagers who said "oh what a disrespectful son! How dare the little boy enjoy riding the donkey and leave the old man walking on his own feet?!, such a disrespectful son!". Joha and his son heard what the villagers said. He said "maybe they right in what they have just said". heach said to his son "come off the donkey my son, you and I will walk next to the donkey". Joha and his son woke along the donkey. While they were walking, Joha heard villagers saying sarcastically" what stupid a father and his son?! Why none of them rides the donkey?" Joha got embarrassed from what they said. John said to his son let you and I ride the donkey together. John and his son both rode the donkey. Villagers have saw them and whispered to each other in angrily "how dare two people ride the donkey together. They must have no mercy for that poor donkey!". John got very frustrated from what all the villagers said about him and son. From that day he decided to always do whatever is right and never listen to what other people say to criticize him. He decided to always have a strong personality and never change his actions just due to what people say.


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