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My review of the 50 Shades of Gray triology

Updated on March 8, 2013

Well....I had to read it too!

Well, I had to take the opportunity, months after the book was published to read it myself....for curriousity. I had to find out why everybody seems so crazy about it. So, I bought the first book of the triology....and was a bit at odds, but chose to get the rest of the 3-some to get a full picture. And the result: I would say if this is the new style of bestsellers for the future....we can stop reading....!!

It gets boring very quickly and that's a bestseller?

After I started reading for a sounds a bit like someone with a limited vocabulary was writing here....very limited and repetetive to a point where I even skipped a few lines here and there, because I already knew the wording as of mid of the first book already....and this actually keeps going through the rest of the serie! You hear "Holy crap", "jeez", "fuck", "hot" maybe on almost every page.

I never got a full picture of the main characters....supposedly good looking, but what means good looking? You never get a real image of them. Only that Mr. Gray only seems to wear the same clothes throughout the entire 3 books!!! And that looks "hot" to Ana!!!

And now this is what everybody talkes about....

The sexual content, once you read know half of the wording of the next. Exitement - I didn't feel it once...because it was low in describtion and wording. When you read the same describtion of the next sexual encounter and the feels the same as having sex the same way every time....very exiting! I don't think so...not for me.

While they talk about S&M sex, feels slightly exaggarated because, while it addresses some of actually does not happen the way you would think based on the review and what they are making out of it....Most of the scenes are half as bad as you would think. What happens is that they seem to have sex every hour or so.....How real is that? Ana who had never had any sex before overnight becomes sex hungry.....? And Mr. Gray is healed out of the blue from his sadistic tendencies because of her within less than 3 months, what no therapy was come to a final realization

The entire plot seems so artificially cramped together to keep action going hopelessly, that it is failing to sound real. Well, at least the writer was so smart to realize that you can't fill a whole book just with sexual content. She lacked completely of a good plot but was just adding one incident after another - everybody can do that, even a first grader!

Nothing seems very realistic in the book and the writer has a very poor writing style, very low volume of vocabulary, it is very repetetive and boring. If this is the new style of bestsellers....we all should become book authors overnight and many of us can do better than this.

So, if you want an interesting book, with educated language, vocabulary and a plot - don't pick this one. I even tend to say that any other book can do better than this.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      I never read any of the books but something tells me that Hollywood will make the movies much better than the books. Trilogies are the "new thing" (Twilight, Hunger Games, and 50 Shades). If the first book is a hit the author has a good chance of selling the movie rights to all three.