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The public servant serves no more

Updated on May 27, 2011

The public servant
serves no more
do not expect service
that’s not what they're for

This leaves me puzzled
and slightly confused
since we pay their wages
through tax abuse

Payers of tax
yes me and you
pay these people
for what they do

So what should a public
servant now do?
Providing service
to me and to you

But is that really
what they do?
No it is not
you know this is true

They misinform you
and do not be stupid
to disagree

You better listen
to the one stating that
and then to the other
who forgot what was said

Being incompetent
at their jobs
while sitting there
acting like snobs

It makes no sense
I can’t comprehend
that this is really happening
I just can’t understand

We have to surrender
to these ignorant fools
who can’t even remember
their own simple rules

And they get paid
by the people they ‘serve’
but for the money we pay them
we get nothing in return

The public servant
serves no more
do not expect service
that’s not what they’re for



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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Thank you Teresa. Your comment is very much appreciated.

    • Teresa McGurk profile image

      Sheila 6 years ago from The Other Bangor

      Clever, and oh-so-true!