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The rat within

Updated on September 18, 2015

They always smile at you and pretend that they care but just turn the other way and they will not waste time to backbite you.

"The Rat within is the exact Rat that told the Rat outside about the fish in the basket"

Most times the people we call relatives are the people that plot our downfall, they try everything humanly possible to make sure that we fail in anything we do, they go about bad talking us and are always the first to tell us what other people say about us.

John was my close alien from childhood, he was my favorite cousin and we did so many things together, infact we were tagged twins because i always made sure that we dressed alike, we also look alike. But as grew older,we began growing apart then a time came and we went separate ways for survival though we kept in touch because out of sight is not out of mind.

I love my cousin John.

We eventually got married and began grooming out families, we live far away from each other but made sure that we always meet in every family gathering because our family is a large one but there is this annul family meeting which is our tradition.

As years passed by, i realized changes in John but we are humans and are unpredictable, sometimes the changes in men are attributed to their wives and John isn't left aside when it comes to dancing to the woman's tone...

She tells him what to do

Who to associate with

Where to go and when to go

She was in control

The Thatcher of his life

John called me and asked for loan which i happily gave him, he was suppose to pay me back after three months but from the bottom of my heart, the pay back means nothing to me, i gave and even asked him to forget about paying back but he insisted. Months passed and the pay back passed but i never bothered because relatives don't give loan rather they support. Eventually, John landed a government contract and bounced back after years of passing through. He returned the loan but i refused to accept it, i told him to forget it... "what are cousins for"

"You see sometimes your relatives ask of you not because they care but because they want to know if you are doing better than them"

When he visited me, my wife served him this...

I saw the changes in John's life style, he began avoiding me and from daily calls to weekly then to once in a blue moon but the bond we shared was greater than the changes in him so i tried to find out if i did anything wrong but John had no good explanation rather work schedule took the blame.

His wife always smiled but there was something about her.

I am not the type that backbite neither do i criticize rather i allow people to live the way that suits them most. But as of Maryrose, i vowed never to ever speak with her as long as i live. When John was broke, i was their support, i gave my all and made sure that the kids stayed in school, i never segregated among our kids, i gave them equal treatment.

How relatives grow apart.

When i visited John, his wife Maryrose served me this...


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