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The Secret to Being a Magister Writer

Updated on September 25, 2018
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With the help of this article, you'll be able to acknowledge the generic basics of writing and revolutionize your line of approach

The secret awaits you. You Know it already!

Magister - meaning?

A Magister means a scholar. Who is a scholar? Anyone who has relevant level of knowledge to be considered as a mastermind of a particular topic. How do you become a mastermind? Don't worry buddy. We'll go through this together!

A magician?

Who doesn't want to to be a writer who uses a pen as a wand? We've been hearing the basics of it ever since we started writing. But, did we take the time out to ponder over it? Maybe we did! But now, we'll think through this together. You and I. But we'd approach the conclusions with a twist!

It's all in your HEAD


I'd be honest. Every great thing that we have today, was once just a thought. If it hadn't been thought of, it wouldn't be possible.

To be a better writer...Oops! I mean a Magister Writer, you need to think like a phenomenal entity. Even if it's a thought right at the back of your raging neurons, pick it out and Think! Is it writeable? Is it something people would read? Don't worry! It's ok. You might need to pick up these thoughts over and over, but it's all gonna be worth it. Start now! From petting your cat to failing a test, everything can be plated with pen and paper!

A point to ponder for yourselves

Where do you like to think?

See results

You matter MOST while you Think

After you're done thinking, it's time to unleash the dragon. I mean your dragon! To do that, first you need to see your foot - where you stand. That's your perspective! I unleash my dragon. You can unleash your wolf! That's the whole point of it. Your mind = Your thought =Your Perspective.'s all in your head. No one else knows what you think or what you see and the way you see it. Change your perspective regarding everything to make rich content. That's because then everyone would say 'Why didn't I think of that?' And you'd smile .

The puzzle

A good writer always develops an outline when writing. Let's say you're writing about 'How to be good at Maths'. For that first you'd need to decide on the topics of maths you want to cover. Then the formulas you want to break down, the mathematicians you want to bring in and so on. This would allow you to get an overall idea of your own flow. The flow of Making Magic with a Pen.

Start off with a blank canvas - an empty thought. Now gradually add in the colors - your thought, your approach and your perspective.

Be the New Phenomenon!

Everyone has their own signature. Their own style, sense of humor, dressing sense, etc. You do too right? That's it!

To be an accepted writer, make sure that you create your own style of writing. Original content always defeats replicated revolution. Be sure to stick to the plan and the light of truth inside your soul.

Sometimes writers use a few tricks to do so. A self made catch phrase is always a smart way to do so. Don't like that? It's fine. There are other options too. You can also use a few words or metaphors in every write-up. This will help the readers identify you immediately if they become a fan of yours. You need to establish your own individuality. Find a breakthrough!


To be an accomplished writer you need to be ready to blow your head off! Not literally silly! Metaphorically of course.

Never be afraid to introduce something that no one else had thought of. It's ok. It might be a success or a disaster but it'd be yours and yours only till the end.

This reminds of an interesting story that I should share with you. It'll help you understand the probabilities of success from being out of the box.

I had a friend. He colored the sky red and the ground blue in an art festival. He called it his masterpiece while I laughed at it. You know what? He secured the first place while I came third. Morale of the story? You never know how people react to your newly developed solution.

Begone! Evil spirits!

When the shining piece of gold - your completed write-up is in front of you, you're still not done. There are evil spirits lurking around your beloved write-up. Come on silly! I mean your mistakes. Even the slightest mistake can ruin your impression on the readers.

Proofread your piece of work a few times to find out these spirits and excorcize them. Make them pay by eliminating them.

These demons include :

1) Grammatical errors

2) Proper punctuation

3) Irrelevant wording ( Unnecessary Vocab )

4) Complex sentences

5) Lack of depth reach

You're good to go soldier!

With proper implementation and a hunger of success, you'll surely discover your other half. The one who's filled with creativity and a an urge to write.

Now it's time to grab a pen and implement your knowledge. Be sure to set a deadline and work with passion. Start small but dream big. At first you'd be put down with failure. But this is not always true. You may acquire success immediately. However if not, remember - diamond is formed when coal folds under pressure.


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