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The Soul Lives On

Updated on December 12, 2018

This week I am writing poems about death. Without knowing it, we center most of our life around death. We grieve and miss those who have passed away. In the authors opinion, We should celebrate death. I believe if you ask for forgiveness you will get into heaven. Funerals should be similar to a coming home party for college students. No I don't believe we should partake in beer pong or other fun games at a funeral. However, some refreshments, a little music and fun memories spent with them would be a better send off to paradise. Remember, they may be physically away from you but they will always be in your heart. The memories you shared with them will be with you forever. Please read and enjoy the poems I have wrote.

Sincerely, Silent Magenta

Me | Source
The sweetest cornbread is made in Davie.
The sweetest cornbread is made in Davie. | Source

The sweetest corn bread is made in davie.

The sweetest cornbread is made in Davie.
As far as eyes can see
Warmer than sand
From across lands and lands
Their is no cornbread is sweeter than the cornbread I held in my hands
Sun rises amongst the dune
Children running in the afternoon
Night falls
And ends it all
The sweetest cornbread was made by you
Crossword puzzle
Easter dresses ruffles
You were gods gift to me
But as far as I know
The sweetest cornbread is made in Davie
Sweet potatoes pie
Troubled cries
But in my eyes
Their is no sweeter
The sweetest cornbread is made in Davie.

The inspiration behind "The sweetest cornbread is made in Davie"

"The sweetest corn bread is made in Davie" is a very close poem to me. I thought about the poem while thinking about my grandmother. We have a cornbread pot that has been passed down to us from the slavery days. The cornbread recipe is only passed on to one person which was my mother. My grandmother passed away in her sleep while at home. I miss her dearly. This poem is for you.


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Little blue eyes

Rest those little blue eyes
As a brush goes in your hair
Like a porcelain doll in a pristine box
With little blue bows in little blue knots
Rest those little blue eyes
Don't watch my cries
He waiting for you and those little blue eyes

Beauty | Source

Save me

Save me from myself
Protect me for my own pain
You protect the weak
You protect the old
Can you save me from my own soul?
No one see my wounds
As I take pill after pill in my room
And the gleam of light peeps in my closet
Curled into the corner
All of you are special to me
save me from me


Understanding "Save me"

"Save me from me" is a poem about an individual taking their own life. Sometimes, we are so wrapped on in our own problems. We forget to show our loved ones we are truly there for them. Sometimes all it take is a minute for someone to just listen. When those people come to you sometimes advise isn't needed. Also, I would try to listening instead of judging them for their thoughts. Take the time to understand how someone is feeling. You may can save a life.

Wrapping things up

My last poem is "Is it okay if I kiss a black rose?. Its a poem about chancing death. Often we put ourselves in danger for the fun it. I was inspired by this poem when I first witnessed the Ray Rice scandal.

I hoped you enjoyed the poems I wrote Or helped you get closer to terms with your loved ones.

If you have any stories or feel the need to express yourself feel free. You never know if your comment can help someone in the same situation. Thank you.

Is it okay if I kiss a black rose?

Is it okay if I kiss a black rose?
Feel its pedals on my nose
Let it musky dance in a row
Grasps its stem
Free its thorns
Admired its leaves
Hear the whispers from the honey bees
Learn the things that it knows
Is it okay if I kiss a black rose?


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