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The Stallion

Updated on June 29, 2017

What he never expected....

Devon was standing in line at the DMV waiting on his turn to be called up to renew his driver license. He hated this place so bad and it was making him late for work. He decided to wear his favorite blue button up shirt with a hot pink tie. He rubbed his hands over his now smooth head. He decided to shave off the rest of his receding hair. Fucking genetics sucked. He needed a change since the breakup with his finance. She had left him for his best friend. They two pieces of shit had been cheating together for over a year and he was oblivious until he went home sick one day and caught his best friend butt-fucking his finance on the couch. He can still remember the smell of KY jelly and ass in the air. He stood motionless for a few minutes watching the big, veiny cock thrust in and out of her tight pink asshole, shiny with lube. “Next” he heard the woman call. He stepped up in line and realized his cock was swollen. “Fuck” he thought to himself. He told the woman that he needed to renew his license. She began typing on the computer in front of her and told him to turn and face the camera. He did and the flash ignited a bright glow from the bulb. He was blinded for a few. “Have a seat and I will call you when it is printed sir.” The personality-less woman informed him. He sat down on the row of seats. His mind wandered back to the scene he walked in on. Tony was fucking Michelle so hard. Her big, bouncing breasts were slapping against her chest. Tony had a handful of her hair pulling it back, the gold ringlets wrapped in his tight fist. The other hand slapping her soft ass while he pounded her. How many times had he begged that bitch to let him do that? Again he felt himself slightly aroused at the thought of it. He remembers the look on Tony’s face when he looked back and saw Devon standing there. “Oh shit” Tony yelled. Michelle looked up and her face when white. “Fuck you’re not supposed to be home so soon!” Devon looked at them both and walked past them to the bedroom. “Sorry I interrupted you two. But you two deserve each other, somewhere other than in my house and my life.” He went into the bedroom and laid across the bed sick to his stomach at what he had just seen. How could they do that do him?

“Sir your license is ready” the clerk handed him the license. He paid his eighteen dollar fee and left. He pulled his keys out of his pants pocket. Luckily, he still had his dream car to make him happy. The beautiful 1967 fastback mustang. The only true joy he had in life right now. He unlocked the door and sat down. The plush leather seats were so comforting to him. He slide the key into the ignition and turned the key. Nothing. He turned the key again waiting to hear the 427 cobra jet engine roar into life, but nothing. He slumped his head down. What is wrong now? He looked and realized that he had left the headlights on. He felt the tears well up in his eyes. He was under so much stress both with the break up and work. What more could he take. He got out and popped the hood of the car. He was jiggling the terminals on the battery hoping maybe one was just loose but no luck. He heard a car pull into the parking spot next to him. He was rolling his sleeves up so as not to get them dirty.

“You alright?” he heard a feminine voice ask. Devon looked up. There was a curvy, red head wearing a green halter top and umbra shorts smiling at him. “I left my headlights on. Now my battery is dead.” He laughed. “Just my luck.” “I’d be happy to give you a jump, if you want.” She smiled. “Please that would be awesome, I am already late for work.” Devon went to his trunk and pulled out his set of jumper cables. His dad had taught him long ago to keep a set because you never know when you might need them. “I’m Eliza by the way.” The woman extended her hand. Devon shook her hand and introduced himself. He noticed the well-manicured nails and sexy, soft feel of her touch. She had beautiful emerald colored eyes. “You’re a real angel.” “I am just in the right place at the right time.” She smiled back at him displaying her large, white, beautiful rows of teeth and her soft supple lips stretched over the smile. This woman is hot he thought to himself. After a few moments he sat down and turned the key. The motor fired up and roared. He loved that sound. “Beautiful car, my dad had a 70 Mach 1.” Eliza smiled. Devon talked to her briefly about the car and what all it had taken to get it restored to what it was currently. How he found it rusting in a field and completely restored it with his dad. He look up at Eliza and apologized for taking so much of her time. She simply smiled back and told him that she didn’t mind at all. He shook her hand and again thanked her for her help. She replied back that it was not a problem, and walked away. Devon watched her walk away. Her butt was plump, and round and had a very nice movement to it and she had thick legs, but they were sexy and toned. She glanced back and caught him looking and smiled. “Can I have your number?” He blurted it out before he even thought about it. “I was afraid you didn’t want it.” She giggled. She met him halfway in the parking lot. He could smell her sweet perfume. How did I miss this before? He thought. She took a pen out of her purse and wrote her number on the back of his hand. “Now don’t lose it, and call me or text me soon!” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. Devon felt his heart flutter and butterflies storm in his stomach. Who is this woman? He stammered that he would text her very soon! She smiled and waved and walked away. Devon walked back to his idling monster and sat in the seat. How could he feel like this about a woman he had just met? He closed the door to his stallion, shifted the manual transmission into reverse and back out of the parking lot.

Devon drove up into the parking deck at work. He was currently the manager of a real estate firm. The largest in Georgia. His phone rang. It was his partner Chris. “Man where the fuck are you? The clients for the Caylee estate are here and you’re not!” “Calm down, I just pulled into the garage, my car battery died I will be up in just a second.” Chris told him fine. Such a bitch sometimes Devon thought, but the guy was a hell of a real estate agent. He got into the elevator and rode it to the 11th floor of the building. While riding the elevator he thought back to Eliza. She was all woman. Sexy, sweet, curvy, and that ass and thighs. He needed to see her again. He felt alive suddenly. He walked out into the suite and met Chris and the clients. They talked about viewing the property and had planned a walk through today. They all headed back into the elevator and out of the parking garage where Chris had his suburban waiting by means of the valet service in the building. Chris talked and told jokes to the client, which was what Devon normally did but he couldn’t get her off his mind. He pulled his phone out and texted the number given with a simple “Hi.” He pocketed the phone and began telling the clients about the property, the listing price, and what all updates has been done to the property. He felt his phone vibrate. He pulled out the phone and it displayed a kissy face emoji and the message “Hi sexy mustang guy!” Devon smiled at the phone. “Hello red-head beauty.” He texted back.

Chris pulled the suburban into the drive of the 100 acre plantation. This was a property that he and Chris had purchased to flip two years ago. It was an extremely long time for a flip but the house and property needed extensive renovations. Now it was ready to be sold. They escorted the couple, who were a couple of retirees from up north, all around the property. The horse stables, the pond stocked with all sorts of fish, the pool, hot tub, and the amenities of the inside of the house including all the marble and expensive wood work one could ask for. The couple seemed very satisfied with both the price and the property. They asked Devon if they could put in an offer on the property. He smiled and told them of course. There was one stipulation though the older woman told him. “I get to rub your bald head for luck!” They all laughed and Devon bend over slightly so she could reach his cleanly shaven head. They all shared another laugh. The loaded the couple back up, stopped at the local Italian restaurant for lunch, the company’s treat, and then back to the office to do the paperwork.

They were sitting in the large conference room. The table was perfectly round. Devon insisted on it because it was what King Arthur used to keep all his knights equal. He was a big medieval fan. The couple signed the paperwork with a lawyer present of course. Devon’s phone vibrated again. He pulled it out and saw a media message. He opened the file. There was a set of gorgeous, plump, pale breasts with light pink nipples. He almost dropped the phone. He clicked off the photo and read the message. “I saw you check my ass out, but you didn’t look at the tits, I wanted you to see the whole package.” Devon felt his cock swell. He nervously looked around to make sure no one was looking and reopened the picture message. Those breast are great! He thought. His cock now throbbing and hard. “Wowsers” he replied with a smiley faced emoji.

They finished up the paperwork and thanked the couple. Devon and Chris exchanged high fives after the couple left. They had worked so hard on selling this property it was time to celebrate. They went downstairs to the local bar that was at the bottom floor. Devon ordered a couple of rounds of beers to celebrate. He loosened his tie and watched Chris eye a waitress. “Damn at the ass on that!” Chris exclaimed. He was a hound dog always chasing women. He had been married for several years to a beautiful woman, and had a couple of kids. He cheated on his wife quite often because he was sure she was “fucking her yoga instructor” as he always said. “So dude you need to jam a piece of ass man, I know Michelle had you all fucked up, but the best way to get past it is a great lay!” Chris turned the beer up and gulped down the last bit. “I hear you bro, I got to get going, and I have some plans for later on.” Devon finished his beer and threw down some cash on the bar to cover the tab. “Yeah bro! Get some ass!” Chris clapped him on the back. Devon stood up from the barstool and headed out of the bar. He felt his phone vibrate again. He swiped it open and saw another media message from Eliza. This time it was a cleanly shaven vagina. Soft, supple pink lips, glistened with female juices. The title written on the top of the message was “The only thing missing from here is your tongue.” Devon quickly texted back. “Can I see you?” He stood there a few minutes waiting on a reply. Nothing. He pocketed the phone and started walking to the parking garage. He felt his phone go off. He opened the phone “245 6th street apt 23c, door is open, enter at your own risk!” He felt a surge of passion run through his body. He pocketed his phone and sprinted to the elevator. He smash the button. Hurry up! He yelled at the elevator. It opened on his floor and he sprinted across the parking lot to his mustang. He sat down, pressed the clutch in, and turned the key. The cobra motor revved. He backed out of the parking lot and zoomed down the exit ramp squealing tires as he accelerated. He opened his phone and texted Eliza back stating I am on the way.

He slowed down in front of the apartment complex where Eliza lived. He pulled into a parking lot and killed the lights and engine. He took a deep breath. Am I fucking up? He thought to himself. I don’t even know this girl and she is already inviting me over. He opened his phone and looked at the X-rated messages he had received. He felt his cock stiffen. Fuck it. He exited his car and headed towards the entry doors. Once he stepped into the lobby he proceeded to the elevator. He punched the 23rd floor. The elevator quickly elevated upwards. Dinging as it passed floor after floor. Finally arriving at the 23rd floor. He stepped out into the lobby and quickly made his way down to the apartment he was searching for. The door was slightly ajar. He slowly opened the door and was met by the smells of perfume. The same perfume from earlier. The apartment was dim. The television was on, but no sound was coming from it. “Hello?” he called out. No one responded. He walked through the living room, through the kitchen and down the hallway. “Hello?” he called out again. He could hear sounds coming from the bedroom area. He opened the bedroom door slowly and heard music playing. The lights were on. He stepped in and inhaled. The scent of the perfume was invigorating. He heard water sloshing in the bathtub. “Eliza?” he called out. “Hi babe, sorry I wanted to make sure I was squeaky clean! You came earlier than I thought. I will be out in just a second. You can make yourself comfortable.” He took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He kicked his expensive Italian dress shoes off and crawled onto the bed.

He heard the water begin to drain from the bathtub. He could hear her drying off with the towel. His cock was almost rock hard from excitement. It was an obvious bulge in his pants. He tried to adjust it so that it was not so obvious. As he reached down to adjust it slightly she rounded the corner from the bathroom. “Getting started without me?” she was looking at his hand on his hard cock. “Fuck” was all he could manage to get out. “Let me take care of it?” She tossed her towel off to the side exposing her naked body. Her breasts were larger than he thought from the picture, at least D cups. Her hips were solid and curvy, her stomach was flat, but had stretch marks. He looked at those briefly wondering where they had come from. She walked over to the bed and slowly crawled onto the bed on all fours. Her wet hair falling into her face. Each time she came forward her soft breasts swung. He couldn’t remember ever being so turned on. “Can I kiss you?” she asked him. He sat up and grabbed her face with hands on both sides of her face and kissed her deep. Feeling the soft lips against his, smelling her perfume. Tasting her sweet saliva. He slipped his tongue past her lips and was met by hers. They kissed passionately. She backed away first. “Not too much of that or I’ll be feeling lovesick. I haven’t been kissed like that since I was divorced.” He sat back. Divorced? He thought. How old is she? She crawled up on top of him. Straddling him with her sexy thighs. She unbuttoned his shirt and started to take it off slowly revealing his muscular shoulders and chest. She kissed him on the shoulder, the neck, giving him a slight bite before kissing his lips again. She took his shirt off and started kissing his chest. He grabbed her and threw her over. He crawled in between her legs and kissed her hard and deep before taking one of her soft breasts into his hand and giving it a slight squeeze. He pulled the nipple of the same breast into his mouth and sucked. It tasted so good in his mouth. He dropped that breast and grabbed the other, not wanting to make it jealous. He backed off and kissing slowly down her stomach gently kissing and licking. He was now directly over her sweet honey pot. He looked into her eyes and she smiled as he slowly went closer to her pink opening. He slowly licked the lips of her beautiful flower. She adjusted herself. He licked her clit and she moaned slightly. He slowly sucked her clit. She grabbed both of her breast in her hands and squeezed them. He stuck his tongue into the opening of her vagina and tasted her sweet passion juices. He was licking her up and down. She was moaning, her legs began to quiver. He leaned back and started to undo his belt. She pushed him onto his back and took over control. She undid his belt, then unbutton his pants. His fully erect penis was bulging in his boxers. She unbutton the fly and all ten inches of his cock flopped out. She quickly took the throbbing cock into her mouth. He could feel the wetness and warm of her mouth and she took his cock in. Swirling her tongue around the head, making it throb even harder.

She slowly bobbed down onto his hard, thick, throbbing cock. Taking as much of the cock as she could into her hot mouth. He laid his head back and moaned with pleasure as the she coated the cock with her saliva. She could taste his pre-cum in her mouth. She quickly swallowed it. She continued to suck his nice cock until she knew he was ready for her. She got up, kissed him deep. He grabbed her thick ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze. She straddled his hard cock in between her thighs. She could feel the heat on her clitoris. She raised up slightly and grabbed his cock and eased herself down onto him. His cock was bigger than the toys she was used to. She slowly rocked back and forth feeling his big dick slide into her hot, wet pussy. She moaned. He grabbed her ass harder and pulled her down onto his cock forcing it to slide even deeper. She moaned as she felt his thick cock bottom out inside her. He grabbed her breasts and began to suck on them passionately. She slammed herself onto his cock feeling it penetrate her even deeper. He felt her orgasm as her pussy closed up around his cock and she moaned loudly. He threw her to the side and pulled her up doggy-style. Her sweet ass was wiggling. He couldn’t resist but to slap it. It moved and he felt eh urge to slap it again. So he did. She moaned and told him to slap it harder and to fuck her. She slapped her ass harder, leaving a red imprint of his hand on her pale ass cheeks. He lined his cock up with her pink, wet love hole and slide himself into her. He felt himself go all the way in feeling his balls touch her thighs. She was moaning. He began thrusting harder and harder. He could hear her tits slapping. He grabbed her hair and pulled it. She moaned. He could feel himself getting close to orgasm. “I am about to cum!” he told her through grasped breaths. “Baby, fill me with your hot cum!” she moaned. That was all it took. He exploded inside of her. She could feel his cock pulsing, filling her vagina full of his hot, thick cum. She rocked back against him, forcing his cock even deeper. She heard him take a deep breath. He felt his cock slowly begin to get soft. “Baby, that was so hot” Eliza told him. She looked back at the Devon, his cock still in her wet, cum filled pussy. He slowed pulled his dick out of her and saw a small amount of cum dribble out. She reached back, caught the cum and licked her fingers. He felt another surge of passion. She rolled onto her back and smiled at him. He was still on his knees, cock dripping semen. He had never cum so hard before in his life. He smiled back at her. “You are really something, you know that?” She grinned showing that beautiful smile that entranced him, “I want you again.” He leaned down onto her and kissed her hard.

To be continued……..


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