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The story behind the wall

Updated on July 25, 2014

If you ask me what I said, I will reply nothing,

The words that I said were what I wanted to say, but wasn't worth it,

The pain I gave was crushing,

Like life meant nothing with that comment,

But thats all it took, and with the way you looked at me was like you read an horrific book,

Your heart heard my utterance, it was like an arrow of fire with an hook,

When I think of what happen, and the reason I reacted I choke on those jagged words,

Because I realized that my words were heard louder than a heart beat, and felt as sharp as a double edged sword,

I can not take back the words that diverged our friendship, but I will urge my heart to converge with your heart to reword,

Believe me when I say this, and hope you hear through the wall that separates us, and only connects us with a cord,

I am sorry for those words, and I know our story can not be heard now between this wall, only transferred sound,

Only misheard words worth something.

Sometimes you have to reveal that courage of love, and think about the effects hurtful words or actions to one another before you act.


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    • kljones86 profile image

      Along with the wind 3 years ago from colorado

      Thank you both!

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 3 years ago from Taos, NM

      Yes, always think before you speak. Hurtful words cannot be taken back and while we can forgive, we sometimes cannot forget. Great hub!

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      Those are awesome, and true, words Kelvin. You really hit pay dirt when you wrote this. I voted it up, shared it and pinned it.