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The story of a man

Updated on June 28, 2014

There was once a small tribe that was oppressed by her neighbor in those days when man thought it was right for him to subdue his fellow man. Their young girls and women were raped umpteen time while their children were taken into slavery. The tribe suffered great affliction and they were afraid to fight back, despite of the fact that they had a good number of able-bodied men; either because they felt they could not match the military strength of their oppressor or they were afraid to die. Their oppressor was strong and might have been stronger than the oppressed. However, they were even smaller in number compared to the small tribe but the oppressed never tried to resist such humiliation because they were afraid to try to fight back.

The act continued and the tribe got accustomed to it, as it became a part of their life. Then one day their oppressor came and the able-bodied men ran into the woods, as usual, and left behind their innocent women and children to be molested. As the act was going, a man who was a stranger that was traveling on the road saw it and stopped to help the women and children and to prevent further abuse, “Stop!!” he shouted to the men but they ignored his call and continued so he rushed and gave one of the man a nasty blow. That was how he got involved in the activity of that day so all the men focused on him to fight and kill him.

The man stood and fought back against over two hundred men. He knew he had no chance of winning the fight but he stood and fought alone while the men of the tribe watched him from the woods and thought he was mad to had stood and fought for their liberation. The man determined and persisted in the fight. He killed three of the men before he was knocked down and he lay helplessly on the ground. There were tears in his eyes but he also smiled. One of the men was about to kill him when their leader shouted, “wait!”

The leader of the men angrily walked over to the man and asked him, “Why are you crying and smiling at same time?” The man answered, “I am disappointed that I could not stop you and your men from committing this acts so it hurts me and that is why I cry. I smile because I know that I have tried and if I shall die today then I died for a good reason. I died trying to bring the change I desire and it would have hurt me more if I failed to try.” “These people are not your people so you cannot claim to die for a good reason. They are not your family, you left your family at home and you have just wasted your life, here. It was a bad idea for you to get involved in a matter that is not yours. You are not one of them!” “I know that they are not my family and I do not suffer same pain as they do. May be it was foolish for me to help them but I did it not because it was my right that was abused but because I would not want such a thing to happen to my own people. It means I know you are doing the wrong thing and you fail to treat others like you would want to be treated not minding if they are your people or not.” At that point, the leader hit him and he died but he died smiling and he also died in tears because he felt he had lost.

One of men in the woods was moved by the action of the stranger so he charged and rushed out from the woods to fight and others saw him and joined. They fought and they won so they were liberated. They honored the stranger because they knew he gave them reasons to stand and fight. He made them to understand that the fight for liberty and justice for all should not be ignored because that is the very essence of our existence.

He made them to understand that man can achieve anything if all fear is gone because that day they got over their fears.

There is paucity of such man as the stranger but men had fought for the liberation of others. It was men that fought for your freedom of religion, for your right to life, for your freedom of speech but the greatest of these men are those that stood and fought when it was not their own right that was violated as in the case of slavery, racism, religious freedom and tolerance among others just as was mentioned in my book, “Most perfect exchange: The cost of liberty.”

Lastly, just as the man died smiling with tears so it is that some of these men were killed for fighting for the right thing and they died with tears but today most of their tears have been wiped away and they can only smile. Yet we can do more to make them rejoice forever.

The moral of the story is that your courage to stand may be all enough to spur others to action that can bring the desired change.


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