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The waiting game

Updated on June 1, 2016

Letting go is always the hardest part in a relationship, its like swimming in the sea after falling out of your ship. The beast within me can't be tamed and I admit I was afraid, afraid of self destruction and a large amount of pain. Its been a year and some change but I'm not sure what has really changed, you call and text but clearly your with another man. I'm in the same position steady wishing & hoping to hear you say that your done and dismissed him. How long do you wait for something like that? I'm just afraid I won't care anymore the longer this game doesn't last. My arms have been open since the day you walked away, I just jumped through a few bones to get you out my head. More or less I could go through a thousand women but it still wouldnt amount to the one I envision. The waiting game can be dangerous, especially when our emotions get involved and they start changing us. I don't want to forget but I want to move on, we had a lot of good memory's and shared a lot of good songs. Sometimes the radio even gets me upset, because they always play our songs and it makes me reminisce.


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