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The words of wisdom from the subconscious mind.

Updated on September 3, 2012
A compilation of life experiences through observation.
A compilation of life experiences through observation.


The truth always permits reason to take the path of least resistance it is the lie that is the bumpy road.

Truth is like the reflection of the sun because when it is spoken it illuminates our minds. It is neither subjective, objective nor is it relative to anything, but it is reactive. Considering that the sun rise and fall it affects us all like the truth enlighten our minds.

“There is always tension between a fundamental commitment to truth and a quest for power. The two are never equally identical, it can be Socrates, it could be Jesus, it could be Martin Luther King, and it could be Fannie Lou Hamer. You will always have a need for prophetic critic of those in power. Power intoxicate, power tends to seduce, power corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely. There is always a need for somebody to tell the truth vis a vis the powerful. “ Dr. Cornel West

As Dr. Cornel West have said in the past “there is no such thing that’s truth telling that is not unsettling, unnerving and in some way un-housing” - Whenever the truth as been spoken it will create an effect which is parallel to any of these three characteristic found in DR. Cornel West quote.

In relation to Dr. West statement, DR. Joy DeGruy Leary finalized it with these words of wisdom " whether a statement is true or not is not the only issue - because I believe that not everything that a man knoweth can be disclosed nor everything that a man discloses be timely, nor every timely audience suited to the capacity of those who hear it. Martin Luther King had a message that was true, he had a message that was timely, but he had a message that was not suited to the capacity of the people who heard it. And because of that he is not standing here today". Amen.

The truth can always be over powered by discrediting the source, but if the reasoning behind the truth is logical enough it could bring light to even the most illiterate. We should not feel obstructed to inform others for it is with courage that we accomplished our goals, without it our goals are aimless. However, when our goals are not back by money our accomplishment becomes invisible to the common mind.

The three dimensions that are seeing through the physical eyes are only a small percentage of what reality is, like the iceberg of which only ten percent is above the water and ninety Percent is not to be seeing. Therefore, it is with our inner eye that We comprehend the truth and it is with it that we can explore the fourth and Fifth dimension.

Reason is that thin line between knowledge and wisdom. Although there are not identical at times they can be some similarities. Especially when what is being addressed is base on facts. Wisdom for the most part is expressed in the form of cautioned. Where knowledge is totally codependent on reason, wisdom is not. Wisdom takes into account the subliminal messages which at times do not make sense to us. Example: When the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling. As you can see, the strength of wisdom is base on an educated life experience not age. If age could determine wisdom mother earth would not have been in this predicament that she's in now.

The choices that we make in life attract our chances , but they don’t always place us in the right path. Choices are determined base on our education, options and value system. This is why whenever our options have been limited some of us make educated choices to increase our chances. Although some choices can lead to prosperity they may not be the most recommended choice for most, and as we change our environment our options changes. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that "chance" can only exist after we have exhausted our ability to make rational choices that can lead to our advantages.

We see life through our telescope of endeavor. Looking to secure what we’ve prospered, while forever aiming to better what we’ve inherited. But we should not forget that there is no endeavor without end. So in that sense, when the end comes it should also remind us of all the good deeds we’ve done along the way to help out those who couldn’t help themselves.

The characteristics which to you imply that what you see in a person is what you get can sometime be persuaded by what you want from that person as oppose to who that person really is. As stated by Emanuel Kant “we see things not as there are but as we are” so next time we make an assumption about a person please let us think about our own desire first.

Love cannot cure racism for love is selective. We choose and pick who we love base on feelings and commonality. What we have in common with our love ones can vary, and it is because of that variability that we say racism cannot be cured by love. For example: a professor of African studies may find it difficult to be with a white companion whereas the chemist sees no issues with that kind of relationship. The difference lies within the level of consciousness on the issue of racism, and the white companion’s acceptance of their differences. As for me, I have no problem with the mix - after all love is just a sentiment of joy.

Within the center of the ocean liner is a gyroscope. Its purpose is to keep the boat level and balanced, no matter how great a storm may occur. I metaphorically relate the purpose of this gyroscope to the function of a divine idea which is within the consciousness of every human being on this earth. The presence of the divine idea prevents the individual from holding in thoughts, anything of an evil or unloving nature, and protects the person from the unbalancing effect of evil or hate of the external world.

The law of attraction implies that thoughts influence change. Although this is a good concept to accept without acting on those thoughts they would have reduced our chances to change. And besides, what is the significant of thoughts if there are not shared. It would seems to me that by sharing our thoughts we have indeed acted on them for our thoughts may influence others who have a greater capacity to make them come to life.

If they were such thing as an expert it would be described as someone who has the ability to draw a reasonable conclusion from any given information without having to introduce biased in the argument. And that same expert should also have the capability to extract facts from the information offered through association of ideas & logical reasoning to be associated with concepts that can be evaluated. There are no experts folks what we have are people who knows enough about a particular subject to know that there is more left to be known.

As DR. Kings says "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Likewise, a victory for justice anywhere is a hope for justice everywhere.

Interest is the dividing factor of all good deeds which without it no factors would conflict one another. It does not matter how good is our intentions; as long as it intercept with an interest where money or love is the subject being discussed, conflict will come out of it.

The mind can also be contaminated with false information, to prevent the mind from being infected; we can choose to examine every thought that seek entry into our minds before it is accepted as facts. What's appeared to be factual sometimes may not always be true. We should check our facts through association of ideas, and use reason and logic to evaluate each and every idea before it is accepted in our minds as valuable info. Any failure to do that can cause us to make irrational decisions which may not be in consistency with our status.

You should remember that those who brought you the truth have no power of they own except for the one you have given them. You should never think for once that they are not pressured for it. In this case they are only as powerful as the trust you have placed in them.

They have never been any leaders who were not lacking in leadership - thus it is the members who are being led who can improve their leader’s guidance. Any discouragement to address our leaders when we think that they have been wrong is the path to monarchism.

Leaders are only as effective as the people they govern. If Leadership was a vessel then whereever it would lead us would be up to our engagement. Likewise, leaders are there to perform the deed of the people to whom they are in charge of governing; therefore it is we the people who should decide where our ship goes.

Rule by secrecy left everyone who’s not part of the secrete fighting each other while those who hold the secrete control the dividing groups. After all, the enemy might just be the guy who’s picking the fight because if you think about it no diversion is truly complete without an alternative, for that alternative represents the lies that have kept our minds captive.

This thought is for the incitement of the cautious minds who wishes nothing less but goodness out of this world. There is one fundamental rule of secrecy that can never change Vis-a- Vis the organization. That is to say those who are given the power to whole secrets must have had invested interest in the secret that they have kept, a secret which can in turn fracture their lives if it were to ever be reveal.

The paradox of life is not that it’s a bitch but rather because the planet is not viewed as an integral part of humanity.

The meaning of life lies within individual struggle, a struggle for the purpose of gaining happiness. This struggle can differentiates from one person to another obviously, but it is through this process that one evaluates life from their perceptive ability. Although the meaning of life which derived from the person’s perception may conflict with ours doesn’t make what is to him the meaning of life untrue. This statement is true because our values can be different. And if our values are different it will influence how we see life.

You can’t be a true observant of life by evaluating it from the surface unless off course you are an integral part of the whole spectrum. At the bottom where each day is a struggle decisions are not always made base on a survival instinct. The truth of the matter is that those decisions are not always back by money. Those who struggle together shares a microcosmic view of life which differentiate from struggle to struggle, the meaning is in the putting, you have to be an integral part of it to understand it.

Everyone can be self conscious of their environment; everyone can bring peace and unity to conformity. But as Bob Marley said we must first be conscious of where we came from without that no route that is directed by us is worth walking on. We have lost many great leaders in daring times, and to know that the struggle still continues on bring lot of tears to emotions. So as Marley said “no woman no cry - in this great future which is life you can’t forget your past – so dry your tears I say”.

There is a big difference between having respect for authority, and being afraid. People who respect authorities disagreed with them when they are wrong. Whereas those of us who are afraid of authorities agrees to be wrong even when we are right. This type of fear suppresses good ideas from taken flights, and welcomes the encouragement of ignorance. It is always the authorities who deprived fear to gain fairness who are always the greatest leaders.

Stated by Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616) “Tell me thy company, and I'll tell thee what thou art.” Meaning "tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are" is not consistent. This is just another way of intriguing division. We can have opposite views on an issue and yet choose to be friends because our commonality rest on a higher value that unite us. If this was not true Jewish and Gentiles, Muslims and Catholic, Gays and Straights would never share a cup of coffee. - Inspired by Marley.

From the very time an idea is thought of it is already being transmitted through the air. We can try as much as we can to keep that information captive it will be contemplated by someone else for knowledge was met to be shared. It seems that the only primitive element of life is the fact that we have to open our mouths to communicate, which is a lesser ability than most mammals. Life is a circle and in this circle of life no individual life is more precious than another, the only difference there is the way by which we choose to live our lives.

Let us think this way people - There are no negative thoughts - There are only uneducated thoughts. As long as a thought did not result into a wrong doing or violence it is not a negative thought. At that point it is to be considered an uneducated thought. Since an uneducated thought is the result of lack of knowledge. If that thought can be revert from committing an act of violence by feeding it knowledge than how can we say that there are negative thoughs?

No valid opinion that reflect two sides of a story is ever a one sided view. To be a good democrat is to be a good listener of republican views, and to be a good republican is to have a good understand of democratic ideologies. They are always a middle ground that can unite us all, but the problem is very often we embrace our interest, and secluded that of the public without having to attempt reaching across the alley for a helping hand.

If you were to mentally strip the title away from the person than all that you'll be left with is the communication. It is then you would begin to see how the title can seduce you from noticing the bias within the message being transmitted. Those in leadership position have been handed a pressure load of seduction to carry. They are sometimes told the reason why they're leading is because they are the most knowledgeable guy in the room when in fact they skill of leadership lies on their creative ability to collaborate for the purpose of collecting ideas among a group to be packaged for a profitable result.

The problem with faith is that it’s not for everyone. Since we are not all wired the same some of us need a reason to have faith. Faith in its most naked form is like a blind man without his bat. The rational mind cannot be guided blindfolded; there must be a reason for him to believe. And when that reason is given, if it cannot be rationalized his circuits are never truly energized. It is only when a valid reason is given can he decide his destiny, from now on he will continue to question life until he is departed from it.

We often hear the quitter’s mind repeats that “we should stop talking about the things that we cannot change”. Meanwhile, what they are really doing is giving their selves a reason to quit. If Dr. King was a quitter, Viola Luiuzzo, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Jerry Mitchell and Rosa Parks were quitters black people in this country would still have their seats right behind that bus. Obviously, it is through communication that the struggle for any progress begins, and if there is anything that shouldn’t be talk about is our failure to commit ourselves to make that change.

Dan Choi a West Point graduate an Arab linguist, an Iraq war veteran was fired from the military under the "don’t ask don’t tell". Dan Choi said “Honor and dignity does not come through tittles, it does not come through class, wealth, pay checks or any other construct of honor that we might think our society says that honor is. It’s absolutely fault to think that. Honor and dignity comes from having the ability to stand up to what we know is right”

If life is a lie in these serious times it’s at the verge of reality, sinking into a dip of consciousness to reveille the lies that have been placed before our eyes via these series of events that have been unfolding.

They say a picture speaks a million words but not all of us have the same comprehension of what is spoken. If we all did they would be no significant in a picture for the picture would mean the same to everyone.

We should share our knowledge so that we give others an edge otherwise they'll be led by their anger. You and I may assume that when a presidential candidate claims to love a country by that it means he loves the people of that country while we might be misinterpreting the whole meaning. What we want to hear them repeat is that they love the people of that country instead of the country, for the country is just Acres of lands. If a presidential candidate loves the people of a country it shows patriotism, whereas loving the country gives a whole different meaning. However, not every presidential candidate who claimed to have loved the people of a country have actually worked for the interest of the people of that country, it will all depend on their agenda.

Any information that can transform a negative outcome into a positive one or vice-verse is more than reasonable to be considered as valuable info, anything else is habitually common.

We sometimes imply that “life is too short to be anything but happy” without giving any regard to those unhappy souls who are fighting everyday to keep that happiness from shrinking. Do we ever wonder how unhappy we would have been had we not have people like Flora M. Crater, Sunil Babu Pant, Lynne Feltham Stewart, Mumi a Abu Jamal, Samdhong Rinpoche, Prof Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman, Fannie Lou Hammer, Rosa Parks, Malcom X and many more who have cleared our path through social activism. Without these people happiness would not be part of life instead our struggles would be miserably long. As you can see happiness is not free we have to fight for it.

We cannot be the instigator of change without being challenge by those in power. As Dr. Cornell West stated: “The two are never equally identical, there is always tension between a fundamental commitment to truth and a quest for power” - In this instant those in power plot their scheme to eliminate those who provoke change that is not in their best interest. This has always been the way in which it’s been done, but what makes it even more effective is the fact that those who surround the instigators are not aware of all the possibilities.

Without good health what good is our wealth? Why do some of us think that we need wealth to achieve good health? If wealth could cure our health than why is it that some of the richest people in the world are combating poor health? Well, it would seems that good health is the result of our healthy lifestyle which without it no one is truly wealthy, but that's not what some people think.

As Jacque Fresco stated, there are no great men. Greatness is relative to societal values. Whether or not our values derived from a political stand point, religion or humanitarianism makes absolutely no difference. Whereas Martin Luther King Junior was a great man to most whites, Malcolm X may not have been that much of a great man to the same white folks who loves King.

For example, if we are a religious person we’re more prone to like someone who will upholds the value of Christianity, whereas the atheist thinks that Christians are delusional. As you can see what we consider greatness goes in accordance with our value system. An educated man is more likely to appreciate this piece of literature than one who is not, it’s all relative. We pick and choose our beliefs according to our educated values.

If we sorely depend on our environment to educate us then it means that we are as conscious as the people in our environment. And since consciousness shapes our values if we don't broaden our horizons our values therefore are kept in a self retaining container. In that respect, if this container is not shipped abroad we won’t ever know how it’s like to be different. For that reason, any one whose values differ from us is looked upon as being an alien.

We are one people sharing one planet living under one sky. Environmental problems have no boundaries, the cause may be different but the effects are imprinted throughout the planet. What’s effecting people in China will eventually effects those in India and subsequently people in the USA. Environmental concerns are the world problem not individual country's worry.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Full of knowledge. Thank You, Coolbreezing for sharing such informative hub. God Bless You.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Mind-wrenching and extremely informative! Thanks for sharing Coolbreezing.

    • BabaSixto profile image

      Sixto J Novaton 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Words of Wisdom, Words from the heart.. will pass these messages on too others... Enjoyed your hub very much Thank you!

    • tbsingh profile image


      8 years ago from INDIA

      A Worth reading hub!It is full with words of wisdom.Thank you,COOLBBREEZING,for sharing it.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 

      8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you Coolbreezing for a very thought provoking and informative hub, that we all should check out, thank you for sharing it. Godspeed, creativeone59

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Excellent hubs and great words of wisdom


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