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The words sword

Updated on April 11, 2017
KsenijaZ profile image

Writing poems is like entering the new world, liberating the soul and allowing the heartbeat to follow imagination, memories, sorrow, joy.

Broken, destroyed by words

deeply wounded

disabled and hurt

lying naked in the dirt.

Cuts here cuts there

sword swinging everywhere

yet no one care, no one care.

Gasping for air

standing upright

all you want to see is heavenly white.

But no, you must stay

must chase those thoughts away

for there is a better game to play.

So take a deep breath

collect what is left

good memories, future, hopes

gather them in small envelopes.

Send them to yourself

with a note inside:

'you are still here

brave and bright

you have not died.'


© 2017 Ksenija


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