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The Agency’s Location and Surroundings

Updated on January 15, 2010




“The Barn Gang Detective Agency Series”


“B&G Book #1”


“The Ghost of Fad Mountain Mystery”




Lisa Luv


Lisa J. Warner






Now my dear readers Maara and Lee had their agency office located in a comfortable setting on the second floor of a barn, which is where it still remains to this day.


          The only difference in the location besides new fangled amenities is the name on the sign that reads “THE B&G DETECTIVE AGENCY”.


          My fine reader detectives as you know all things change with growth, and so many things have also changed in the detective agency’s barn office since Lee and Maara ran it alone.


          The barn office now has more furniture, new modern electricity and equipment.  Most important the office agency has many new terrific detectives with an assortment of varying talents!


          The detective agency’s barn office is located in Hankfield Connecticut in the good old U. S. of A...


          The barn is nestled in on the Fezzie’s property and has been refurbished for livable space intended for the Fezzie children to utilize as their very own private club entertainment area.


          The barn’s down stairs is equipped with couches, music, television, a kitchenette, and all the wonderful amenities necessary to live and have fun!


          The barn’s downstairs also has a large empty space to dance for parties or sometimes the detectives use it to exercise. This living space is dressed with large windows that let in plenty of sunshine making this rum pest room a dream club house.  Certainly this is no ordinary barn and blesses not only the Fezzie children but also their friends they have visit on a daily basis.


          Mrs. Fezzie is also pleased to have the barn so contained as a complete living space which keeps the children occupied and not making messes in her main house that she diligently maintains.


          Leading from the downstairs of the barn is a curvy stairway going up to the second floor where the B&G Detective Agency’s headquarters are located.


          The second floor of the barn is more spacious than even the first floor.


          When Maara and Lee were the only detectives the only source of light on the second floor was a large barn door that they slid open to let in sun light.  When the big barn door was opened it looked over the next door neighbor’s grassy yard, which plays an interesting role for the detectives at particular times.  Please take note that electricity was not brought into the barn until after the new detectives joined Maara and Lee’s agency.









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    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Thank You Both Kindly

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Alright, I'm with you.

    • bearclawmedia profile image

      bearclawmedia 8 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

      Using words to share your images. You are just as good of an artist with out them. But I do love them.