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The Gopher

Updated on September 7, 2013

Spring Break is the time for that mini vacation
That all school kids love, but which parents or relations
Dread each year as some holidays we fear
Especially for me, I'd rather be in here

But my kids had indeed cooped them selves up
Like little Cave dwellers my sweet little pups
For most of the winter and I think they'd forgotten
Where the front door was or even how to open

But today, Finally, they decide the outside
Was more interesting divinely, Hooray! I cried
So after a morning of feeling so caged
They decide to go looking outside amazed

Since my youngest enthralled with nature for years
Has been fascinated with natures touch
Anything that moves from ants to birds
Every stone, tree, even grass, dirt and such

He had decided this day to go outside
I thought that he'd be riding his bike
Only to find that he was demanding
His training wheels he did not like

But I not being able to oblige at that time
He set his mind to dirt, a favorite past time
I went out to check and found him squatting
In the yard so perplexed looking down at something

With a long blade of green, a weed I had pulled
The previous day seen, I'd not cleared the yard
As he was giggling and I asked him what
He was doing out there, didn't wish him to stop

As he was having so much fun, then my attention grabbing
A Gopher was playing with him, how distracting
Yes my young son at the age of seven
Was Feeding a Gopher like he was in heaven

Now you might think that feeding one of those
Pesky litte stinkers who leave golf holes
All over the yard are a nuisance to some
But to my young bard it was neater than gum

My middle son happens to think a good game
Of Gopher Golf playing is Awesome, even in rain
But back to the younger as he and I watched
With great interest and wonder this little guy talked

This little creature bolted his wee head
Out of the ground to grab the green shred
A morsel or two, some weeds taller, some smaller,
But this thing was tickled not having to bother

Not having to do this job himself he remained quite bold
And Yes I was careful to inform not to touch or hold
The cute little thing and he kept the weeds long
To keep a bit of distance then the questions began

"Mom can I keep him?", "No baby, you can't."
"But Mom he's so cute!", then I had to present
Why gophers are wild things outside
They'd rather be free and completely un-tied

He has his own job and function in life
And it's certainly not cage bound in a vice
He loves to dig even as you
But a cage is no fun if you only knew

So lets let him be as he is working so hard
He's having fun eating out here in the yard
And with your help and loving hand
His job is made easier for this short span

Then up popped that gopher for another peek
He looked straight at me with no sign of grief
No fear in his eyes, those big teeth were so glaring
For me to look at, And Well, Endearing!

"I will talk gopher talk" my youngest said with a smile
And as his teeth chattered I sat for awhile
And giggled to myself, now that's a memory
A Kodak moment for all to see

So here is a picture of that so precious moment
One that will last and I'll never forget
My curious one in all his glory
For it is for him I wrote this story

Kari Shinal Copyright March 14, 2008


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    • Tuatha profile image

      Kari Shinal 4 years ago from Fayetteville, NC

      It was at that. I laughed so hard inside...smiled a lot too. Was Precious!

    • Larry Burnes profile image

      Larry Burnes 4 years ago

      What a wonderful moment that must have been for you.