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The Ice Princess: A Book Review

Updated on May 24, 2011

The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg and translated by Steven T. Murray and published by Pegasus Books. Four of Camilla Lackberg’s books have been number one best sellers in Sweden as was this one.

Erica Falck goes back to her hometown North of Stockholm, Fjallabaca, for her parent’s funerals who were killed in an automobile accident. While there, she decides to see her childhood friend, Alexandra Wijkner. As a girl, Alex was beautiful and things didn’t change after she became an adult. The house has no heat, and in Northern Sweden in the winter, everything is frozen. Erica finds Alex’s body frozen in the bathtub, her wrists cut. The description of the body in a pure white bathroom splattered with blood is visual.

The police decide the death is murder rather than suicide. Erica decides to write a book about the crime, and starts research. During this research, she meets detective Patrik Hedstrom, another childhood friend, who is working on the case. Erica’s research leads her to people she knew as a child, and into the past of Fjallabaca with hidden secrets that may hold the solution of Alex’s murder. The more Erica and Patrik investigate, the darker the secrets become when they are exposed.

The Ice Princess is well written. The characters are well drawn and engaging. The translation is good and reads easy. It is somewhat of a locked room story. Everything takes place in Fjallabaca, and involves people in the town. One complaint is with the character of Superintendant Mellberg. He is in charge of the investigation, and is written a bit over the top. He was moved from a large city police force to the small town of Fjallabaca and wants to get back to the city. He sees this case as his ticket back. Also, Erica will come across a clue, but not reveal it for a few pages. Even with those criticisms The Ice Princess is a book I enjoyed.


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