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The Last Great Gasp

Updated on January 22, 2011

The time was growing near,

No longer was time on my side,

I looked for a way to tell you dear,

But had to swallow my foolish pride.

You never saw it coming this time,

It seemed though that it was something you wanted,

I tried to let all the bad things slide,

Still, my sleep was full of haunting.

I still love you and you know its true,

Though our life together has been tough.

I tried to hold it together without being blue,

Now, emotionally it’s just too rough.

I have to tell you I am finally leaving,

The scars run deep and long.

I couldn’t do this for fear of grieving,

Before now it just felt wrong.

The nurse walks in I open my eyes,

The room is cold and empty.

I stare out the window to the open sky,

I’m glad I don’t see my kid’s sympathy.

I dream of things for one last time,

Things I never said out loud,

Like how much I love my kid and wife,

And how I much I loved being around.

Breathing shallow and pain is gone,

I’m sorry for leaving this way,

It one last great gasp and a angels song,

Remember me, not this day.


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    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      U won't have 2 make this decision, the government will more than glad to do it 4 u. Once u no longer have any discernable use 2 them, or if u resist in any manner, THEY'LL PUT U 2 SLEEP ALRIGHT

    • profile image

      Rich 6 years ago

      What did he do to end that way? amazing how you learn the mistakes when it comes to the final end and before you do them?

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