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The Life and Times of Dreams

Updated on March 4, 2016

Living at the edge of The Unexpected

The Life and Times of Dreams

Long ago in the big fortified city of The Expected lived twin princes, Dreams and Expectations. Expectations always did what he was told. He married a regular, typical girl from The Way Things Are and used his infinite resources as prince to found The Comfort Zone. Expectations always did exactly what was expected of him and never gave his parents; King Reality and Queen Opinions, any real reason to be disappointed in him. Now Dreams on the other hand, always completely ignored what Reality and Opinions said he should do instead would leave the outwardly protected nest of The Expected, which just so happened to share a comfy town center with The Comfort Zone, To travel to The Unexpected. Dreams made many friends in The Unexpected, but his best friend was Inspiration, and Inspiration had a sister named Determination, who Dreams had fallen madly in love with. Dreams and Inspiration talked constantly about plans they had to build a town called The Future, a grand nesting pot of adventure right at the edge of The Unexpected. The only problem, and the biggest problem with these well laid plains was, Dreams was still, by law bound to his parents, the King and Queen of The Expected. Also, even though he hated to admit it, The Comfort Zone really was a very nice place to hang out at, but after a while Dreams would grow restless with the humdrumness of The Expected and The Comfort Zone, and flee to The Unexpected once more. One day, during a visit to The Unexpected, Determination caught Dreams crying while preparing to go back to The Expected. When she asked Dreams what was the matter, he explained to her that he would not be coming back to The Unexpected because his parents had finally found him a wife. They said he had to stop this childish behavior and get used to The Way Things Are because that town provided the best and most secure path for a young prince. Dreams was heartbroken. He told Determination how much he really loved her and proceeded to get on his horse to leave, but Determination stopped him. She told him,” If you will vow to leave Opinions, Reality, Expectation, The Expected, And The Comfort Zone behind forever and join Inspiration at the edge of The Unexpected, then I will be yours forever and will help you make The Future the greatest city anyone has ever seen.” And so, right there on the spot, Dreams left behind his family and his comfortable life back home and married Determination. Together with his wife, Dreams built The Future so big and so bright that it beckoned people out of The Expected, pass The Comfort Zone, to the edge of The Unexpected and into The Future, a land built by Dreams and Inspiration.

Which Land will you live in? Your future awaits.

© 2016 Chosen87


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