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The Lost Son

Updated on March 17, 2011


Mother, mother what did you do

You bought me to this world of gloom

Father, father what words you said

When the world made me wish I was dead

"Get over it boy there’s worse to come"

Maybe for you dad, me I'm done

Done with this world of hurt and pain

I've had enough I will not remain

I’m going now with my life I part

I'll cure the pain of my bleeding heart


Mother, mother you cry so much

Oh how I long for your gentle touch

Father, father what do you do

You cry and say "son I love you"

I see you all and the pain I caused

I wasn’t thinking I never paused

I just did it I left you all

To cowardly I was to try and stand tall

I only thought of me, I didn’t ask for help

So selfish I was when I killed myself


Mother, mother I'm so alone

Trapped in between as cold as stone

Father, father can you hear this

To be alive is my only wish

No pearly gates, the were for me

Just a gloomy world, a fog-like sea

There is no colour where I now dwell

Just misty grey, yet it is not hell

I wander lost between two worlds

Watching as your years unfurl

This is my prize, the price I pay

For trying to take away my pain

I thought it would be better, I was too swift

When I gave away life, my precious gift


I wrote this a long time ago, and now have a place to share.

Unedited from its orignal form.


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    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Wow, the depth of pain and emotion, just pulled me in to your story. How much you and your family must have suffered, at that time.

      I hope you have all found some peace in your lives? That was beautifully written and just awesome.

      Thankyou for sharing - i am now following you :)