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The Virtual Life

Updated on September 11, 2013

People come and people go, and I just watch them leave. Without a rope to train them in. Without a tear to grieve.

I ponder my own existance around those with whom I dwell. It makes me think some days I fear, that I am under a spell.

That keeps me around these wandering kinds, this Virtual life I lead. The investments of the heart I make. I see them up and leave.

For lives they have in physical, something I do not posess. At times I become jealous at their apparent happiness.

Then there are those that come around, My heart I do entrust. And suddenly I've found they're gone, to find them I feel I must.

And so I search but to no avail. To death they've found their way. It can be hard to realize they were never here to stay.

So when you find yourself alone, this virtual life you lead. And your heart feels lost again, Remember this I plead.

Take care how you invest your heart because it tends to bleed. People come and people go. And You just watch them leave.

This Poem is Dedicated to: M.R.:1962-2012

Kari Shinal 10-24-2012


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