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I wrote this for my daughter who is a Goosebumps fan.

Updated on July 18, 2007

The Gurgling Monster in the Closet!

The moonlight shining through the trees and reflecting off the still pond water and soft white snow cover was casting shadows on the walls and closet door that seemed to be reaching out for me as I lay awake in my bed. My parents were asleep in their room and seemed a thousand miles away. I quickly peeked under my bed to make sure no goblins were there to snatch me out of my sleep and cut my throat with a long green fingernail. My toys were all in their place and the house was silent. The middle of winter keeps the crickets and other loud insects at bay. The wooden floors were chilled in the December air. I was freezing cold, my blankets seemed to be gathering cold instead of heat from my body.

Finally, woosh.. the heat came on and warm air began to fill the room. I thought I heard a scream, it sounded muffled and from my closet. I was frozen with fear, I couldn't scream. That voice was awful and gurgling like someone drowning in a pond. I laid there for what must have been hours unable to move a muscle. The gurgling sound was getting worse, I decided I would make a run for my door and dash to my parents room screaming all the way. Surely they would wake up and help me. My imagination was running wild, filling with images of 7 foot tall slimy creatures covered in dank, musty, weeds and algae, who had come out of the pond in my back yard to drag me back with them. Gurgling that horrible drowning sound as they take me into the dark freezing water.

I gathered up all my strength and was just about to make a run for the door when I saw it, the most blood curdling thing I had ever seen in my life. Urine began to warm my blankets and underwear. My teeth began to chatter and I was shivering uncontrollably, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I was starting to heave and gasp for air.

Water was running out from underneath the closet door in a slow stream. The water was puddling in front of the closet door and getting bigger by the minute. The closet door was slightly open, but I couldn't see past the shadow, and really didn't want to, I would die of fright if a slimy gurgle monster saw me looking at him.

I did not know if I could outrun a 7 foot tall water creature, but I was not about to lay here in my bed and be dragged to a watery grave by the gurgling slimy creature in my closet. I slowly began to ease out of my bed, sliding one foot at a time down to the floor. Once both feet were on the floor I stood up slowly, making sure no noises were made. I checked the closet door to make sure it wasn't moving.

I began my run, when I reached my bedroom door, terror gripping me, I missed the knob with my hand and banged into the door. I was sure the monster would grab me and begin my final trip to the pond. Quickly I grabbed the knob and threw the door open, I began to scream. Running to my parents door. My parents were up and wondering what I was screaming about. My mother asked me why I was running. I explained what happened in my room. My Dad said we should go look in the closet so he can go to sleep when he sees there is nothing to be afraid of. The 3 of us went to my room, the puddle ever bigger in the light. My Dad opened the door perplexed by the water. He said, "Son, why is there a carrot and 2 pieces of coal laying in a puddle of water in your closet"?

I began to blush and told them I had forgotten about putting my snowman in the closet, I was hoping to get a magic hat for him to wear so I could have a friend. My Dad laughed and told me he had stepped on the cat's tail just before he went to bed, that was the scream I heard. My mother dried the water with a towel and got me a fresh set of sheets and a clean pair of underwear. We all went bed and slept until morning.


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