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Theatre of Hades (introduction by the Usher)

Updated on April 11, 2013

Enjoy the Show

Welcome to the Theatre of HADES. My mistress hopes you will enjoy the following films. Please note the theatre is currently under renovation. Be in full awareness of your surroundings. While the theatre in which the films you are about to see is not subject to building changes, many of the hallways, concession stands, and restrooms are to be considered construction hazards. Pathways to other theatres through the Theatre of HADES complex is even more hazardous. Please consult management for further explanation. Also understand that films you are about to see are considered classified by the HADES organization. Consult the program guide for more information.

As a courtesy and security precaution please silence your cell phones now. You are entering the Theatre of the Land of the Dead. Nothing escapes the land of the dead.

HADES program guide

Part 1: Films

12 Prophets Series (Opening Episodes):

Independent Features

The 12 Prophets

  • Cora's Game
  • The Fall of the Tower of Words
  • Delphic Oracles and the Seraphim's Vision
  • Case Files of HADES
  • The Cave Under the Bedroom
  • Girl Schools and Think Tanks
  • The Hidden Refuge of the Gnostics
  • The Mistress of Seeds

Concluding Attractions

The Coffee and The Quarter House Series

  • The Palace of the Ice Czar
  • The Departure of Winter
  • Quiet Time on the Mount of Olives
  • Whispers of Comfort from the Godmother
  • The New Woman and the New Economy
  • The New Economy in 87 Pages
  • Death in Two Pages
  • History and Ecstasy
  • The Nominal Value of a Quarter
  • The Spectre of Winter
  • Insured Elastic Credit
  • Arrival

Part 2: Theatres

Introduction to the Theatres

  • Theatre of Prophets
  • Theatre of Tragedy

Note on Films deemed classified by the HADES organization:

The classification system of HADES is complicated and varies by a piece's form of expression. The films featured in the program have a classification of mid-to-high (5 to 8). Classified Level 5 films are deemed "too sensitive to distribute to non-traditional media sources with any journalistic reputation" while level 8 films are "explain with clarity the methods, motives, and forms of organization used by HADES which are evocative enough that the activities can be identified with real human institutions in the present time."

Notes on exploring the Theatre of HADES complex:

As previously noted wandering the Theatre of HADES is a dangerous activity. Consult the theatre's manager on required travel documents, suggested medical advice, and the purchase of firearms. The films in other theatres have been known to cause armed conflicts, executions, interrogatory and discretionary torture, plague. and famine. Moreover, these films are often trite and dull. It is suggested you consult the program appendices for more information about these theatres if you wish to watch their films.


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    • starvagrant profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Missouri

      Every one of the titles is a future hub. Some may be broken into two or three hubs because of their length.

    • janeAC100909 profile image

      AJ Cunningham 

      6 years ago from Brandon, Florida

      I was so intrigued by the introduction...there must be more!


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