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Their Last Resort.

Updated on January 11, 2010

 Their Last Resorts.

Envy not the rich and idle
soon enough many

of their stock markets,
will become cattle calls

under the prod of demons

All those who are callous

and vain and share little

but disdain for those they

consider beneath their status

Eventually they will be flown

down to their last resort....

Their pampered flesh like ticker tape,

branded black and red

as they are spit out into

the gaping bowels of hell.

Not men who were often

charitable and graced mankind

with wealth's blessings passed down,

but those greed infested aristocrats

who made money their god,

and worshipped the fatted calf.

Those slave-masters of

minimum wage laborers.

Those addicted to success,

abandoning their families

in the pursuit of more capital,

trodding  hard on the backs

of the underlings as they

scrabbled to the top.

They shall know the opposite

after their fine lives expire,

They will dwell in abject poverty

in hovels of horror.

Forever tormented,

craving the simpler things,

like the scent of a flower,

too often passed by.

The sweet smile of a son,

long neglected,

a lazy Sunday morning

spent with the wife,

rather than on a jet

to another investment  meeting,

They will take stock in regret,

and liquidate their sorrows in tears.



"It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle


than for a rich man to get into heaven."  (New testament Quote.)


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