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There Is Nothing To Write About

Updated on June 26, 2017

My Lame Excuse

I come here with nothing in mind and no idea what to write. Things and concepts tend to come and vanish. Some temporarily takes shape only for it to be washed away into the eternal ocean of thoughts and distractions.

This is pretty much the reason why it has been so long since I have written a hub. But deep down inside me there is this urge to write. My consciousness keeps telling me to open my computer and start writing. However, the question always comes looming like a giant wave of tsunami crashing down on my creative endeavor: "What to write about???"

This is beginning to sound like an excuse for not writing....and in a way it is. But it is a sincere one.

Overwhelmed with Too Much Ideas

The longer I stop writing the more things there are to write about. As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and months into years. Things happen. Interesting things, disappointing experiences, happy experiences. And these experiences just keep piling up and I can't help but think "oh my god there is just too much to write. I can't possibly write that much. I where do I start?" I get overwhelmed and I drop the idea.

This time however, I just decided to forget all of it and be in the present moment. At present I am lying down on my bed with my iPad on my lap and typing these words. While my 3 year old is dozing off. Let's just forget about the experiences I did not get to write because I kept telling my self that there are too many distractions, I am too tired, maybe next time. Procrastination really sucks.

If I get even five per cent of my ideas out and documented before I die, I'll be lucky. I'm not in danger of running out of riffs or ideas anytime soon. They overwhelm me and it's hard to find time to deal with them.

— Jello Biafra

Waking Up From A Long Procrastination Hibernation.(what???)

So what do you do, when your consciousness keeps telling you for months that you need to write and you finally get around to writing but you don't know what to write about and you have gone through so many things since the past months that the sheer amount of experiences to share overwhelms you to write and you freeze?

Well, just forget about those experiences, and those brilliant thoughts and ideas you had but you were too lazy to open hubpages and write about. Just write what you can write and make a commitment in the future that you will write whatever it is that comes to your mind. Do not procrastinate.

Just write and you don't have to worry about reaching 1000 words, that is another thing that will freeze you. The thought of stretching a particular idea to 1000 words. Just write what you can now in your smartphone memo, or write about in Hubpages and save it as a draft. Come back to it later once figure out how to extend on it.

Oh my god, I just solved my own problem and you, the reader, just witnessed the literary equivalent of a person answering his own question. Whaattt???

Holiday Mode: On.

It is currently Ramadhan season over here. Ramadhan is the Islamic New Year and is celebrated in Indonesia. Everything is very different during the Ramadhan season. The atmosphere is very merry. I guess you can identify it with the atmosphere of Christmas. Where everyone is already in a holiday and celebratory mood.

This holiday I plan to go to Bali with my Wife and Daughter. I am really looking forward to this trip.

Jakarta is pretty much deserted during Ramadhan and for a good reason. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is made up of a melting pot of people from other cities and villages who come to this big city in search of the Jakarta Dream. During Ramadhan season they all go back to their respective cities and villages to be with their families and celebrate Ramadhan. At this time Jakarta becomes a ghost town.

Which is a blessing in a way as the horrendous traffic that comes with commuting is gone. So going to malls and restaurant is amazing as there are hardly any queue and it is very easy to find a good parking spot.

The lack of people around do tend to be a bit depressing though. But it is ok, as the advantages that comes with it far outweigh the slight depression.

I am expecting Bali to be a bit crowded with local tourist as many Jakartans and people from different cities go there for the holidays, which is not surprising as it is regarded as the number 1 tourist destination in the world! As an Indonesian citizen, this fact makes my heart swell with pride!

I am a great believer in spontaneity because I think planning is the most destructive thing in the world

— John Cassavetes

Spontaneous Conclusion

I do not like unplanned work, and this happens to be one of them. But there is nothing I can do but just go with the flow. This article, or blog, or hub, or whatever you want to call it, is born out of this annoying itch that ones consciousness creates when something is long overdue. And as out of shape as this "literary masterpiece" may be it was rather long overdue.

We cannot decide the shape of our stool when we go to the toilet, we go because we have an urge to do so. Disgusting example, but really fits the case here. Because if there is one thing a 3 year old has t aught me is that in just one spontaneo us blink of an eye, all your plan goes down the drain, and you can do nothing but go with the flow and improvise. On a good day the results can come golden. On an other, it can be, well, let's just say memorable.


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    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 2 months ago from jakarta

      John, thank you. Yes I have done that a few times myself. However, I do it with a tinge of guilt when I do it again and again. My writer's block lamentation should be my niche. Haha.

      Venkatachari, thank you for your kind words. Yes, this was (one of) my effort to convey that state of mind. I should make sure the titles of my article to convey a sense of mystery next time. Haha. Tq.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 months ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very entertaining and out-of-way article. Somehow, you managed it to be an interesting hub. This explains the real state of the mind of many writers like you and me. There are so many ideas and thoughts, but everything seems to be silly and doesn't come out on paper. I expected this article will be like this only from the title itself. And, so, I clicked it to read whether it represents my own condition also. Enjoyed it much.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Suraj, congratulations on breaking your writers' block(or writers' procrastination) and you managed to do it in an interesting way. I often do the same, if you can't think of a topic just write about not being able to write itself. Well done. Enjoy Bali.