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There Will Always Be Heroes

Updated on January 10, 2020

There is the hero, the officer in a blue suit, as he's risking his life,

Every day on the beat, dangers are everywhere, amid such strife!

Little pay for such a gift, his watchful eye that so protects us each,

Seldom receives any appreciation, any thanks are beyond all reach.

The teacher sacrifices her livelihood, does without food or well being,

Gives all to her children everyday, always of each one's best is seeing

Her first goal, her main intentions, are devoted to those kids everyday,

Year after year, as new ones come, improving their lives in every way.

The lonely postman, walking miles everyday, in rain or in shine,

Placing our mail from his heavy bag, in our boxes each just fine.

No matter the weather, he's always there, with vital mail for all,

As he risks his very health, in heat and in cold, answers the call.

There goes the devoted father, is off to his work place every new day,

Making a living for family, no matter if feeling sick or well, finds a way.

Missing his lunch at times, yet staying on the job, no matter how hard,

He's working more on the weekends mowing and to sweep the yard.

Then, there's our mother, dear, who gives us all our best loving care,

Cleans house, makes the beds, washes clothes, our meals prepare,

She's carried us within herself, nine months and then given our birth,

Struggled, was determined, gave us each a life, how great her worth!

There are,of course, many others we see each day that are truest heroes in every way, We just should all take more notice and tell them how much they are appreciated!
There are,of course, many others we see each day that are truest heroes in every way, We just should all take more notice and tell them how much they are appreciated!

Heroes are all there among us everyday, men and women, as so divine,

Yet, to admit are heroes, not a one would say, for are of the human kind.

No medals on their chest to wear, no attention, or of any public acclaim,

Yes, heroes will always be our heroes, for they truly deserve that fame!


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