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Updated on August 10, 2010

Let Love Lay Among The Casualties

One day all days stands the same against a grey sky emotions flee and anger is the only light in my sky

Pain dissmissed behind haughty eyes and a liars kiss

Every song sung with tears falling numbers to equal the stars

So scream inside your silence your walls once strong fall quiet

Is every breast breaking for something or is the voice of the world just that evil

A photo slips by you just like the love you thought would heal  all hastily sped by

Every fight mocks you laying bare your weaknesses to bands of demons gleeful in your deep anguish

So is emotion just a waste is numb the default color of all our souls

We stand in many though all in silence

Over the throbbing noise every mute mouthed cries out a sound to shake the centuries

You lay bare your back for the flogging ravaged truth paints a rich shade

Eyes like blistered glass stare into the wind violet circles them with vile grace of heroes past

Every brazen tounge silenced every battered face clothed in silk

The poetry of each mauled hand risen skyward though devils laughter scrapes at the noble hearts

Velvet whips dance upon your weary heals choose a soldier or choose your savior

Let color evoke violence let passion evoke war let purity evoke necromancy

Let all good be at war let love lay among the casualties and let peace become a guilded apparition

Silence all words for they are gone

Silence me for I will never stop.


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      very interesting thoughts.