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There's A Tiger In My Backyard

Updated on May 24, 2012
My Favorite Kitty!
My Favorite Kitty! | Source

There's a tiger in my backyard,

A big ferocious beast,

Whose eyes are watching me,

At night he sometimes sleeps in my bed at my feet,

There's a tiger in my backyard,

He's staring right at me and I am staring back at him,

If I blink will he come eat me,

Oh, I hope he does not eat me,

There's a tiger in my backyard,

And I think he's coming closer,

Oh my he's brushed his tail against my legs,

There's a tiger in my backyard,

He's crawled on top of me,

There's a tiger sitting on my lap in my backyard,

It's ok don't be alarmed he's a friendly tiger,

Come on kitty cat let's go play pretend again!


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