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These Two Lights

Updated on May 21, 2015
charlynjune profile image

Charlyn June has been writing since her elementary grades. She is a freelance writer who writes any topic from her clients.

(for Jasmine and Isha)

By: Charlyn June

The world was dark,
Out of nowhere I saw a spark..
At first there was one, then later on it became two,
Then the world turned bright because of them too..

I always hold on tight,
To these two lights..
If the world goes dim,
They lit my eyes it seems..

Jasmine and Isha you are my heroes,
My angels in disguise, my knights in shining armors..
Mom won’t let the world hurt you,
‘Coz God gave me you, to make my world aglow..

If things would break,
Remember to just stick..
Because together,
You will always be stronger..

If one day I’ll be gone,
Do not leave your faith behind..
Always be prepared,
For this world will sometimes make you feel scared..

When days will be hard,
Always believe in God..
You are His children forever,
He won’t just leave you around the corner..


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