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They Cometh Part 6; A Survival of Earth Novel

Updated on June 21, 2012

Shocking and Unrealistic Plans chapter 6

Shocking and Unrealistic Plans


One thing that the group agrees on is that the harvest of the humans for food must be stopped at any cost. The group cannot seem to find evidence of how the harvest is done, whether people and animals are just beamed up, vacuumed, captured or herded to awaiting processing areas. It is not clear if the humans would be kept alive, slaughtered or used for reproductive reasons or just for flesh. Doctor Jim knows that the plot by the Nibiruians is to get the human population fatted and large for the coming harvest at any cost, resembles what we do for the slaughter of livestock.

Just as the President thought, there was something happening to the gold reserves. The laws were changed to concentrate the gold in places and central locations for easy removal. The centrally divisional leadership starts with the watchers, who give authority to those in charge. The entity that was placed in charge of all the food, supplies, transportation, military and resources, including all the gold reserves, is to be called, “THE ONE”. So, “the One” appointed those who could carry out the commands of what had to be done for the Nibiruians.

Doctor Jim and the group decide that it is too late to re-humanize those who have already succumbed to the de-humanization programs through vaccinations, transfusions, DNA manipulation and atmospheric spraying. For the ones that are being manipulated by the frequency generated mind control programs, there would be still hope. The frequency generating stations and control centers would have to be knocked out and disabled. These would be the GWEN, HAARP and the BLUE-BEAM projects, which frequencies transmit to the human brain to entirely brainwash the person so that the individual would do anything instructed. The major objective would be to warn the people and to disperse the people from the cities, into the unpopulated areas of the deserts, wastelands, hills and mountains. This would create a rough and time consuming harvest time for the invaders. The matter of the gold is pure simple. Disperse it and not let the gold come together.

In order from letting the President from being killed, he had to be rescued and protected. No contact could be made by Doctor Jim. Doctor Jim’s death still had to remain a secret, but those who destroyed the airliner are positive that Doctor Jim is still alive, but will not reveal the secret because of their certain doom if they talked. Plans are drawn up to alert the general population and to pre-empt a coming slaughter. Master LLambe ‘s assistants are experts in hacking communications and satellites. They start planning an assault on the systems of the world, including cell phones, microwave, radio, television, broadcasting, any online communications, electronic billboards and every other realm of electronic transmission possible.

The more the two discussed the situations, the more they thought that their efforts would be fruitless because the people have been programmed in their minds that all is safe, all is secure, that all is ok, and the government would take care of them. The people or sheep, with the government as their leader and shepherd are well on their way to be slaughtered. The people, being brain altered, would not expect nor believe anything so outlandish or crazy. All the science-fiction movies, the horror flicks, the alien stories would give indication that this type of invasion would or could be pulled, but people would just believe it would be fake, just as the movies.

For the last five years, the government had put a ban on guns, ammunition, and weaponry, for the sake of curtailing crime and the curtailment of illegal activities. As Doctor Jim and Master LLambe find out in their investigations, this ban would make and assure that this invasion and slaughter of the flesh-takers would meet very little resistance. Another problem is that of religions. Religions have educated the followers that during the last days, a rescue would happen in which good quality people would be take up into heaven. Trying to warn the devotees and disciples of this coming catastrophe and devastation would go against the religious community, because they are waiting for this ascension into heaven. In other words, this is what they think that they think in their minds they are looking forward to.

What would be the best way to convince the public that the fate of their lives is in the hands of belief? With so much disbelief in the government, politicians and officials, there is no way that the earthlings would ever believe just any public official. The only person the people and public would believe is the president. President Gomainia Daulines Morosco has earned and gained the trust and confidence of the people, so he would have to be the one to have the call to action, set war against the invaders, disband the populations and to disperse the gold reserves. If the president could be on global TV, radio, and all communication links, then, and only, then, the people might listen. The problem would be to get the president away from his security and aids long enough to let him do the broadcast. Master LLambe’s associates could do the rest. They could patch the transmissions to all parts of the world.

Every effort to contact the president is blocked. Dr. Jim tried several ways to contact the President discreetly, by using a pass code that only the president and Doctor Jim would know, but still could not get through. The security is very tight. Doctor Jim tried using another pass code, “John Jacobs”, but again and again was blocked by the secretary. Doctor Jim knew that the president would answer that call, because this was used as a research paper that both of them worked on together, so the president would recognize as Doctor Jim’s contact.

Doctor Jim becomes very concerned about the health and well being of the President because the he would certainly take the call from Doctor Jim, with the pass code, “John Jacobs”. Those in charge must be scared that the president might be reached or might know too much. If any further communication be tried, the president’s life would sure be in jeopardy.

Doctor Jim, his family, Master LLambe and his associates devise a plan that might work. They conclude that since they can’t get the president to broad the needed communication, they would fabricate the president from graphical virtual imaging so the real live virtual president that can convince the public that the people on Earth are in dire danger and need to heed to the warnings presented by the president. The associates go to work, using computer generated imagery to duplicate the president exactly the way he is, with imitated speech and movement. This project is of high priority and the associates reproduced the speech patterns exactly, movements and quirks to make the replicated president better than the real president.

Word by word, with emphasis on the words, “important” and “urgent”, the declaration of the replicated president must be exactly planned so that everyone would know what is about to happen and how the world has to come together, approach the problem together and be able to battle the opposing forces, to ward off the impending invasion and slaughter. The group discuses the speech and outlines the following. “Fellow World Citizens”, he begins. “There has not been a time in history as the time that we are approaching. The Earth is about to be invaded and attacked by a Galactic Force that will ravage, destroy and kill mankind if not stopped. We have a very short time, so every single minute is important. The invading forces, consisting of beings, from another planet, called Nibiru. They will be coming for food and gold, which will sustain them in their return journey. These beings will be taking gold to maintain their atmosphere and will be taking our people, animals and plants for food, nutrition and for preserving reproductive capabilities of their race.” The replicated president continues with the following; “What you as citizens must do is to flee from the crowded cities, disperse and hide all the gold as you flee. Make haste to the mountains, deserts and forest. Arm and protect yourselves with any weaponry that you can locate or formulate.” “We have 9 months to prepare ourselves , so I am calling on each and everyone to protect each other in this crises, otherwise we are doomed as humans and also doomed the future of Earth.” “I have been called and elected to be president, to uphold, to protect each of you, but we are being sold out by a few select individuals and groups that intend to gain wealth, power and prestige. I urge each of you to seek out these power-hungry beings and overpower them. Time is critical!.” “I pray that God will help us through this dark time, guide us and direct us in the true direction.”

Before the group can broadcast this very important speech, the president has to be kidnapped to save his life. The president has to be taken at the precise moment that the broadcast is being broadcast, so the plan has to be laid out with immense detail. Master LLambe and the Doctor, both have insiders and companions that they trust with their lives and have vowed total commitment to the Master and the doctor, so these are incorporated into the plot. With the intellectual minds of the Master and the Doctor, every step of the president must be tracked and at the same time, the associates must have all the hacking and connections in place for the broadcast worldwide. The president’s daily routine has been tracked for some time, because of the studies of the duplication of the president, so this is already documented.

The Barber Shop
The Barber Shop | Source
barber shop sign
barber shop sign | Source

Doctor Jim and Master LLambe finds that the least secure place is the barber shop that the president frequently visits, not necessarily for the haircut, but for the company of the barber. The barber is a long time friend of the president, so he goes for the talk, relaxation and to rehash old times. The security with the president is usually two security guards that wait outside, looking for suspicious characters. These two security guards must be taken out with tranquilizer darts, along with any other individuals that might be a hindrance. The barber also must be taken out for his safety, also subdued too. Doctor Jim believes that the president will leave peacefully, due to the trust that they have with each other. The associates and the companions of the Master and the Doctor must make a false exit in the closet in the barber shop because the president and barber must be taken out through a connecting tunnel, leading to an underground passageway. Master LLamb has concocted a device that would deactivate any electronic monitoring device or chip that the president and the barber might be wearing or has been injected into his body. The preparations for the abduction of the president and the barber continues, with each event, activity and movement precisely laid out, even with the backups, in the event that for some reason, something goes wrong.

President Gomainia goes about his business gaining experience, knowledge and wisdom about the world affairs. His is shown more and gains the confidence of the politicians and high ranking officials. Issues of protecting lives and avoiding conflict against certain races and demolition and total annihilation are constantly being discussed, with race and genealogy becoming an obsession to the elite and high ranking officials of the world. The president then learns that there is a highly intelligent race of beings inside the Earth, guiding the future of the beings on the face of the Earth. He is told that these beings influence the decisions of the politicians through hypnosis, drugs, brain thought transfer, chemicals, metals, frequencies and bribes. The creatures had to interact during the atomic bomb era because the exploding of the bombs was causing unchangeable harm and destruction to the inside of the Earth. They contacted the high officials and offered bribes and power to cease the explosions. President Gomainia found out that these beings inside the Earth main goal are to repopulate the Earth with growth, people and animals. These beings experiment with chemicals, drugs, DNA and genetic materials to get the best production and yield for the future. Citizens of the Earth, he finds out, are being controlled and brainwashed without them even knowing they are being controlled. People on Earth are being guided, directed, and injected and brain washed by the government and the elite of the world. The more President Gomainia is shown, the more he knows that his life is in danger.

President Gomainia is told that the world must prepare for the battle because of pending threats and belligerence of opposing nations. The president is told of large amounts of prisoners that will be captured and large areas of detention camps must be made ready. He is told of the preparation of such facilities have already, through proceeding presidents, have been attained, but readiness of those areas must be a priority, but still must be kept on the black ops list. In order for the institutions to keep up with the people, there must be some massive information bank that would co-interconnect the data of each person to the main information computers. Each person would have to be tracked anywhere in the world, with the information being generated and broadcasted constantly to the receiving computers. Any leak of these black operations project must not in any circumstance, reach the media or public, because of world security. Now, the president is really getting scared. He knows too much, and yet, he must know more. He seeks information for the readiness of the population on installations. President Gomainia is told that through the readiness of government, many facilities and operations were implemented years in advance n the instance of civil, domestic or invasion occurrences.

The President is introduced to the peson in charge of operations, military, transportation, financial and government of the world is called, “L’UNE-WAN”. He has been over the military, government, energy, media, operations and the monetary systems for years, but he is gaining more and more control each and every day. President Gomainia also finds out that there are plans for the civilian population to be profiled in data bases has to be carefully maintained to the exact location of each person all the time. The reasoning behind this was said because of civilian unrest and instability of the economies. Plans are in the making for the governments to have full control of the people, being the minds, the actions and the thoughts totally. The people are being sprayed, poisoned, dowsed with frequencies and fed drugs to brainwash them into a sub-conscience state of willingness. In fact, about 95 percent have lost their will to fight or reason properly or maintain control of their thoughts already.

Master LLambe and his associates, Mistress Bamzel and Mistress Kelop , along with Doctor Jim and his family plus are busy making plans for the abduction of the president along with his family. They are also in the final processes of the creation of an image-generated president giving a speech and warnings to the citizens through the vast network and media around the world. According to this plan, much preparation must be done in order for the event to be pulled off smoothly.

The president will be getting a haircut at his regular known little place of relaxation and communion with his old time friend barber. While the president is getting his haircut, the president’s wife and daughter will be on vacation at the resort of Gold City, which is a relaxing get-a-way western town.

Master LLamb and his associates reach other devoted associates devotees from the far reaches of the corners of the world. All together, they are getting ready to pull off the greatest stunt ever tried, to abduct the president and create a fake president to take his place. As the countdown continues, every step of the president and his family are carefully monitored by Master LLamb’s accomplices. They know exactly their schedule and routine. Everything goes the same as planned with the president and his family. He always gets his haircut at the same place, the same time and the same way, with the same security guards. One exception this time, will be that his wife and daughter will be on vacation at Gold City.

The plan for the family will be to switch the family with doubles when they go into the dressing rooms. While the security guards are outside the dressing rooms, the inside chamber will open, chloroform will be used to succumb and overpower the president’s wife and daughter, which will be taken through the escape tunnels and back to the underground facility of Master LLamb. When the wife and daughter are taken, there will be exact doubles that will take their places. When the coast is clear and the wife and daughter are safe, the doubles would just disappear through the secret panels and lead a trail in the opposite direction than the wife and daughter, thus throwing the security agents in a tailspin. When the plan is laid out, every minuscule is taken in to inspection, consideration of all back-up plans are also discussed, over and over.

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fashion statement
fashion statement | Source

All is in place, ready for execution! Now is the time! The events must be at the same time, the president’s abduction and the family’s kidnapping must be coincided with each other to protect the other party, otherwise certain death could result to all involved. The major concern is the president’s abduction must go as planned because the president’s wife and daughter’s switch has to be the same time as the president.

There are over 240 miles separating the president and his family but in time, there are only seconds, so every part of the plan has to go down without a hitch. Every detail of the operation must go perfectly. The regular haircut and talk day comes-easy as planned, with the regular six secret service, 2 vehicle standard protection services, along with the local couple of patrol cars. At the same time, the president’s wife and daughter, because of the “choice” of the wife, had to have a fashion coordinator involved. The choice of the fashion coordinator, being that of Master LLamb, in which he pulled the right strings to get the “choice” dedicated professional associate of Master LLambe. The timing is actually down to the very second, in coordination and group communication. Master LLambe’s group has already made false partitions in the fitting rooms where the president’s wife and daughter will be trying on clothes and in the barber shop where the president will be getting a haircut. The fashion coordinator knows exactly which store to go to and the makeup professionals that will make them look a little different so the security guards won’t suspect the switch. The president’s wife and daughter will just be put to sleep with chloroform, which has been use for decades. Crude, but effective!

The fashion coordinator is a highly trained aid of Master LLambe and she is dedicated to the cause with her life. She has other working assistants of Master LLambe, making sure the switch is carried out. The switch associates presence only has to be long enough so that the president’s wife and daughter are out of the city and Master LLambe’s assistants and the fashion coordinator can escape, in like manner, but leaving a leading trail, traces and marks to lead the pursuing followers away from the kidnapped wife and daughter.

The president is putting pieces of the puzzle together now. He is coming up with the outcome that is a picture of doom for the people, plants and creatures of earth. Now, he feels that he is directed for certain death in the administration that he now resides. The president, after meeting “L’UNE-WAN”, he quickly remembers the childhood memories of Sunday School. He remembers the stories about the one government, the beast system and the total control of the monetary system of not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. These thoughts land on him like a lead ball. Then he quietly exclaims, “L’UNE-WAN”!!!!! “ONE”!! Then he says it again and again, “L’UNE-WAN”, “ONE” “ONE GOVERNMENT”, “ARMY OF ONE”!! “What have we gotten into?”, with the president sighing and then almost crying. “The “ONE” is now in control” All of this is making so much sense to the president. Then he exhales and says, “Oh my God- help us! “

Time is the essence! The timing has to be done without cause of alarm and has to be done with gentle persuasion, causing little or no fear with the president or his family. Time has now come for the switch. Master LLambe’s assistants have the false partitions in place in the barber shop and also the clothing store. The Master’s plan is in operation, with the president going to the barber shop and the president’s wife and daughter going shopping. The fashion coordinator had to do some wheeling and dealing to get this to correspond with the president’s haircut, but was easily arranged the times to coincide.

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