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They Don't Ask

Updated on June 11, 2017


The Left wing of the housing complex is made up of 'students'.
Or so it is listed.
These are not those bright University undergrads, these are those attending
a non important 'nursing' school.

Not a nursing school which is churning out those who could 'almost' be doctors, but those just above those whose duties are confined to emptying bed pans and pushing gurneys.

I watch them with revulsion, trying to be kind. Trying to tell myself that they can't do better because they don't know better.

My flat is close to their 'zoo', so I can see them, unfortunately hear them, and know as much of their 'lives' as would a private investigator.

The Mistakes

They are loud and clumsy. Early in the morning when humans would be quiet they are as noisy as one would be in an afternoon.

Their language is primary school, and they are so stupid that they didn't realise the gas was shut off to their kitchen by one of maintenance staff, although she'd partially dismantled the stove.

None of them have ever had a date. In fact no one comes to visit them and they don't go any where.

One doesn't see they dressing up and going out on any day. When they go to the supermarket they dress worse than the maintenance staff.

One could tell them that every about them is unattractive. How they move, talk, act, it is repulsive. It is repulsive and they don't appreciate it.

At first I would say 'good morning' to them, or 'good evening', but they give me smarmy looks or say nothing, so I say nothing. I pass them without looking. I ignore them as I do the gal who shut off the gas.

I don't need to speak to her or at her. She's a thief and a liar, and she knows I know, so we occupy different dimensions.

If this place was properly managed, then of course I would speak to management. But management has been missing, and the owners of the premises are completely disconnected.

I suppose if rent isn't received there would be a response, but I assume rent is paid.

No one monitors the maintenance staff, so they spend most of their day around the back, talking, smoking, picking fruit from the tree. They are loud, just as loud as the students, so it is clear that the staff is in their comfort zone. They are working for people who are just like them, and don't expect much.

If They Asked

If they asked me, if the Management asked me, I could set them straight. I could get rid of this current batch of tenants who waste water, electricity, gas, and bring down the tone of the place.

I could tell them to list the flats at the University, in certain faculties. I could tell them to make a number of rooms 'singles' instead of triples.

I could have them discharge the 'staff' and hire useful people. And an on spot manager who can manage.

If the tenants asked me, I would tell them how repulsive they appear, and help them upgrade their behaviour. Act more demure, move less awkwardly, and be conscious of how they appear.

But no one asks me.

No one asks me, so I say nothing.


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