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"They Exchanged the Truth for a Lie" - A Poem by paperlake

Updated on June 19, 2013
"Potsdamer Platz" by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
"Potsdamer Platz" by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner | Source

Listen as I screech the screams that once sat silent within
The sounds ricochet & resonate out these barriers of bare skin
They loom from whence they rest, black blankets of bloodstreams
My heartstrings empty these blood blots, the spring of my screams
My pulse pounds with piercing panic, my eyes dilate as they detect
They behold a bright world of wonder which only disguise a defect

"Look, they wear cloaks of zeal to conceal the misery within
Oh how they sliver and shred in the stitches of their silken sin
For sunny shades of superficiality interlink & interline each thread
Their adornments of brilliant blazing flushes of yellow, purple, red"
Satan's sons tear the twine of humanity & clothe in cloaks of deceit
Assessing their significance by the shades & seams of their conceit


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