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They stab you in the back

Updated on October 17, 2012
They stab you in the back
And they claim that you're not looking...

Bob said it but most folks considers it one of Bob Mraley's music but for Recheal,it means more than a song,poem,music,reggae or whatsoever. Okay this is her story and i will try to make it short.

Recheal has been seeing Luis for ages,infact she has a son for him and their relationship could best be described as BALLOON ON THE LIMBO.She also has two close friends, Jessica and Martha, you see they were all childhood folks and Recheal made sure that whenever Luis bought a gift, that he buys three so Jessica and Martha could have same thing she has, it was her 27th birthday and Luis decided to crown the celebration with an Infinity RX35 and Recheal made sure that he bought three.Goodness me, what a good heart this lady has.

After what would be considered as a big guy taking care of his damsel,Luis decided to walk to the altar with Rechael and it was so clear that she will take over the management of his oil company,everyone was happy and she promised her two tight friends instant managerial positions but you see, people ain't what you feel they are that is why i will tell you this...Trust your friends but not the demon in them.

Martha: Hi Recheal

Rechael: O! Martha,can you girls come over to the house by 7pm? By the way, where is Jessica,i have tried to reach her but her cell is off

Martha: She must have ran out of battery

Racheal: Okay, try and get hold of her and come dressed up because some of Luis's associates from Germany will be coming too

Martha: O! Girl, we will be there


Recheal:Baby, how is the meeting going

Luis: O! perfect my darling,i will soon be home okay

Recheal:Okay babes, love you

Luis:Love you too princess


Jessica: You can't believe it girl, the guy gave me 100grand

Martha: What?

Jessica: This is your share, 30k, i will keep 70 because i did the workout

Martha: Thanks girl,i wonder what you must have done to him

Jessica: Trust me; glo,blo,it was a total coverage

Martha:Anywhere you go, there is always MTN

Jessica: By the time i finish dealing with him, he will see the difference between Orange and Oregon


Martha and Recheal chatting and she decided to blow it open...

Martha: You see Recheal, you have been such a wonderful friend,everything i have was from you so i must tell you this before it become late, Jessica has been sleeping with Luis, i just found out two days back,they were together at the Orchards when you called, that was why her cell was dead

Recheal: What?

Martha: Please, do not ever allow anyone know that i told you this, i promised her that i will not tell you but there is no way i can keep this away from you,her desire is to snatch Luis from you and i am here to stop her

Recheal: You don't mean it


Recheal:Luis, i never knew that you are a slot, a dog, you have been sleeping with Jessica,you are an idiot, it is over between us.

The situation escalated and after confronting Jessica and terminating her friendship with her, Luis with all his money and even the fact that he can get any woman he wants saw no reason to leave Recheal so apologies with loads of rose flower and a private jet was able to calm her down but just when it was over, it is just beginning.


Jessica: I know that there is no way you could forgive me but i am not calling to render any apology but to let you know that i am proud of what i did, I met Luis before you ever came into his life,the position you occupy is mine but you are the lucky one but then, i deserve to enjoy his wealth in one way or the other.Anyway, i know that i am the last person you expect to hear from but i must tell you this,what happened was not my fault,every other girl would have done the same thing.

Recheal:Please Jessica, today is my wedding okay so bye

Jessica: I know that you are confident of yourself but ask Luis where he was last night when you called by 9:45pm, ask him what he was doing with Martha.Bye

Recheal goes to Luis and after a heated confrontation and series dragging and slapping, she yells...

Recheal:You bastard, you have been sleeping with my two friends, i can't marry you even if you are Bill Gate

Luis: Woman, go to hell, i am not a prisoner of love so there is no way you will cage me,i did not meet you a virgin so fuck you.Did your Mother told you how long we dated before i met you?Idiot...

So Folks, this is reality and it was just how Recheal lost her golden opportunity,today she works as a sales clerk in a super market and lives her life regretting her action because it was at her work place that she met Emeka the security guard and they became somehow good friends and she told him her story.

Emeka: You mean that you slapped the guy in front of the guests, na wah for you ooo, chie! you made a big mistake Jessica and that is why you suffer today,believe me, a typical naija woman will not fight him ooo, instead she will do the marriage and step in then find small tusa tusa and put inside coffee for him and that is it

Jessica: What do you mean by that?

Emeka:What do i mean? Hummm! You never even see sef, we have otumokpo for nija and they call them tusa tusa, there are two kinds,slow motion or keep walking

Jessica: I still don't get it

Emeka: Okay listen, if it was a typical nija babe, she will either take over by obtaining ekwu ekwe, that is one kind of tusa tusa, they do with dog tail and brain and the man will be under her control forever, then slow and steady is a mixture of rat killer and some herb,if i had known you earlier than now men! chie!!!! I for dey cruise on our private jet like P square them by now,Nne eh! you be fuck up ooo

Anyway, Jessica gave everything a wide thought and realized that Emeka was right, tusa tusa would have done it and it is at everyone's reach.

Recheal: It would have been better to have that bastard dead and i live in glamor than this life i live now,okay; i know what to do

Guys be ware, this girl is on the loose, just be very careful because she might be going on another name.

2012 Mobis Films and Studio Ventures presentation

(c)All rights reserved.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 5 years ago from Biafra

      They stab you in the back

      And they claim that you're not looking.

      But Jah have them in the region

      In the valley of decision.

      Now: what you want?

      Want more? Want more?

      Now: what you get?

      Want more? Want more?

      Now - Now: do you want more?

      You think it's the end: (think it's the end)

      Do you want more? (want more) (you think it's the end)