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Thick is better than thin...sometimes

Updated on April 4, 2010

A leg to stand on

Thick ankles, they really do give me good legs to stand on.

Where would I be without them?

Weak and stubby?

No strength to center the weight

that is laid upon my back.

A self image handicap.

I've always hated my ankles.

I guess though that as time creeps by, I’ve learned

to slow down and appreciate the once despised aspects of my making.

My ankles not given by choice. but wisdom is helping me to appreciate the once thought imagined curse.

Thick ankles a necessity to carry my many thoughts upon... This is the making of a memoir of a woman named Crystal. A woman who has changed from a child, girl into a present day almost grown up. This is a story of loss, hope and retreat, and then back to hope again. A personal story of trials and tribulation. Finding my way back to a place of peace, even with my thick ankles


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    • Sunshiney31 profile image

      Sunshiney31 7 years ago

      Very sweet thank you so much,and yes I am a survivior of many things.I love the lessons I'v picked up on the way..Life is always a surprise and I know God made me for just my purpose such as this,even to charish my thick ankles!!! Silly really I know but it's ttrue..Thank you for your comment,much love to you as well

    • profile image

      robbin morris 7 years ago

      ok.............i always loved thick ankles. I ofcourse have tiny ones ,but i was always jealous of the big boned girls. They look so strong and athletic. Isn't it funny how we all want what we do not have. yep ,i wanted to be tall with big muscles and long straight hair. No ,no and no again.But aging ,although sometimes is no fun ,does have the benefit of wisdom. And i have grown enough to learn that you cant always get what you want but you will have all that you need. And I have also grown to realize that spending time in the dark ,cold valley lets one appreciate their time on top of a beautiful mountain peak with the sun on their back and the wind blowing ever so softly in their face.

      So I guess we arent really talking about ankles anymore are we/ Nope,we are both survibors with much to be thankful for! Love ya!