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Thicker than.

Updated on August 5, 2012

All things bright and beautiful

All my life, i had wanted to visit Africa and i can’t explain why. I first heard about Africa in a history class in my last year in the college and it made me began to source for information about Africa. I resorted to the internet and everything i read about Africa made me felt like an African but i am not black, i am white, a German boy whose love for the black race is stronger than life and thicker than anything you can imagine.

“Mom, who is my father”? I asked my mother one day because i grew up without for once meeting my father.

“He died a long time ago” she told me.

I enjoyed everything about the black man, honestly, i felt in me that i was different, i knew that there was some kind of force in me. I had never supported the whites, whenever there is a competition like football match between an African nation and a white nation, my candid and sincere support pours out to the black nation.


Jay Jay Okocha is my main super soccer star.

My love for Africa prompted me to visit South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Egypt simultaneously in the year 2000. I felt empty inside me all the time, i felt there was something i have to know and i have more dreams about Africa as a boy. One day i dreamed of a hut with Bamboo roof and i saw three men gladden on the typical African cloths, they wore red caps and looked like hunters, one was called Mazi.

It seemed like a dream come true in 2006, i met Nikky in one of the African Restaurants in Amsterdam, i had gone to Holland to visit my cousin.

“Boy have you ever tested any African food”? i asked him

“What the hell do you mean; me-African food?” He replied

I felt bad and wanted to hit him but held myself. “Look i heard that there are couple of Restaurants here that sell African food so where do i find one” I asked him

He later called a friend and he directed us on where to find one. They served varieties of African food but i chose the Egusi soup with pounded yam.The waitress told me that it is a Nigerian food so i decided to have it because i have tested a variety of other African food. I had always loved Nigeria but i skipped going there in my visit to Africa. My cousin watched me as i washed my hand and began rolling the pounded yam, thanks to a guy who was eating just the same meal, i watched him and in a glance i knew my way. He smiled and was just drinking his juice. Honestly that food was the best i ever had, it was as rich as my mom’s breast milk.


Everybody in the restaurant kept looking at me, it was unusual for a white person to do what i did but to me, it was nothing. I enjoyed my meal then everything was graced when Nikky appeared from nowhere. She was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life, Black Ebony, she was a true African beauty. Anyway we talked for a while and exchanged phone numbers, i had no more time to spend so i got back to Hamburg the next day.

When i got back, i kept in touch with Nikky, finding out that she was from Nigeria made me develop more interest in her, we e-mailed each other every day and for three months, i didn’t miss calling her to say good night before she sleep, we arranged and she came to Hamburg to visit me, i wanted to show her to mom, she had stolen my heart.I had fallen in love with her. Anyway, mom liked her because she was well mannered and she had no problems if i was in love with her. I later made it clear to Nikky that i was in love with her.

“I love you Nikky and want to be a special part of your life” I told her
She told me that she love me too and was glad she met me so i asked her what Nikky meant and she said that it is a short form of her name Nkiru. “I prefer to call you Nkiru” i told her

After one year of serious courtship, i proposed to her and she accepted to marry me. Three months later that was on the 17th of September 2007 we traveled to Nigeria for our traditional marriage. We have to follow the custom,it is the culture of her home land that i be there to pay her dowry and perform a traditional rite so that the gods of the land will guide every step of our marital life.

Her father needed to bestow her to me and bless us so it is a culture and a custom we must adhere to.

Thicker than


I met her father and every single member of the Ekwo family. They were the nicest people i have ever met in my life, Nigeria to me is such a nice place to be, life in the village was a transformation for me, the early morning toast of fresh palm wine, the ugba with hot chili, the cassava (Utara Apku)meal, it was like i felt nature for the first time in my entire life, though so many things looked strange but adventurous, i saw the masquerades and so many other interesting things;

Adamma Masquerade

Palm wine tapper

Source of the PALM WINE.
Source of the PALM WINE.

Atilogwu cultural dance.

Nigeria has a powerful culture and what baffled me most was how these cultures were being preserved, i had the taste of the real egusi soup on the new yam festival, it is an annual festival to celebrate harvests. No one believed what they saw as i repeated what i learned in Alhaji’s cuisine in Holland.

Thicker than


But there was something strange indeed and it was a discovery that changed my whole life forever. Nkiru has three other siblings Adanna, Onyinyechi and Obiageli, her Dad Pastor Ben Onyemaechi Ekwo and mom Nkiruka Obidiya Ekwo changed my life. What a world indeed?

There was something so special about the entire Ekwo family and i loved every body as much as they all tried in their special ways to show me how much they love me. We began renovation in the family house and our traditional marriage ceremony was scheduled for the 30th of October 2007, everybody in the village has something to teach me but i got my main inspiration from my would be father in-law, we woke up every morning by 5am and prayed together, he was a generous man and a father indeed.

"Onye ocha" (WHITE MAN) as he fondly called me became my name in the village, kids will follow me up and down and sometimes tease me which is what i enjoyed most.

"Oyibo calabar, oyibo calabar
Oyibo calabar , onye ocha calabar
Nyenu anyi akpa ego”

I learned to sing the song above with the kids.

On the 27th of October,3 days to our traditional marriage, i sat down with Pastor to share the word of God, Nkiru and two of her sisters were out to buy couple of things in the market so while chatting with pastor, he told me that he was once in Germany but left the country because of the high rate of racism and traveled to England that was in late 1960s, he later brought couple of pictures of himself in Europe and one picture broke the yoke.

I could not hold the shock or surprise.”This is my mother i shouted”
It is my mom’s picture, she has the same picture and she told me that she snapped it on her 19th birthday.

Pastor confirmed that the lady in the picture is Cadgas Gottschalk and was 19years when she snapped the picture.


“My name is Mikel Gottschalk .”

And this is my story.

Benard Onyemaechi Ekwo met my mom in Germany but because of the hatred bestowed on him by her family, he left and did not even let her know that he was leaving,she was one month pregnant when he left, they met at the University and intended to marry each other but her family, Dad and Grand Pa will not allow that, “A fucking black man”.

No he will never marry you” they told her.

‘They plotted to kill him so he had to leave and didn’t want to elope with my mom that was why he secretly left Germany’.

The whole family was shocked at the situation and to prove the whole drama, mom flew down to Nigeria because she could not believe the situation, she thought that, i was insane when i told her the whole thing over the telephone. Everything proved to be true. Pastor Ben Onyemaechi Ekwo is my father. It was an emotional drama for everyone, the Okpuzo community in Ikwo local government area of Enugu state was turned upside down, Nkiru my wife to be, my black Ebony and African queen is my sister, my blood. What can i do? It wasn’t our fault, traditional rites were performed to cleans us because we did it.

"It took me years but i discovered who i am and where i come from. I am not a German but an African, i am a Nigerian, that is where i belong and that is what triggered my love for Africa."


Blood is thicker than water. Yes! it is THICKER THAN. I stayed back in Nigeria after all these drama and on the 9th of Nov ,i was introduced to Chizoba by Nkiru. We got married and traveled back to Germany. Now i have a new German/Nigeria E-passport, my given and biological name is Ogbonna Nnamdi Mikel Ekwo.

I might be white physically but in my heart, i am BLACK and the African blood runs in me.

My African story and song

Blood is thicker than every yoke

And thicker than every force
Blood is stronger than every lie

It is the tool that propelled me
I found my father’s home

It is my African story
It was love but tragic

Blood is thicker than every power

No matter how strong it seem
I am a proud African

It doesn’t matter to me
How i discovered my root
Blood is thicker than racism

My granny couldn’t stop it

It is my African story
My black ebony

Nkiru you are my treasure
My lovely African queen

Blood is thick than
I am glad i met you .

We are the world...
Wir sind die Welt...
Anyi bu uwa...

Proud to be a Nigerian.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Thank you Michael.....glad to see u here.


    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Nicely done hub!