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Think and grow rich

Updated on October 26, 2015

In my quest to become wealthy and develop my self I got my hands on this book by Napoleon Hill. In the opening pages he tells us how he happened to start writing this book. Being a writer of a newspaper he happened to have the privilege of interviewing Mr Carnegie the man who made his wealth from nothing and who became one of the leaders of the Industrial revolution. In this meeting Mr Carnegie bestowed upon him a task to write about how to become successful and even offered that he would provide him with contacts of other very wealthy men but this was to be done without pay. This alone would have thrown me off but I think the lesson that Mr Carnegie wanted to teach our author was that information is more valuable than money, with the right knowledge and the right attitude one could become potentially very wealthy.

As one of the authors in the preface mentioned you cannot consume all the chapters of this book in one sitting and hope to grasp and apply all the concepts. I have therefore dedicated the next 16 weeks to the reading of chapter by chapter of this book and then writing what I have learned in each chapter, how I have applied it in my life in order to prove whether the concepts in this book really work or this book is just being hyped up by people. It would be interesting to hear from you my readers if you do go on this challenge of wealth discovery with me what your experiences are of this book and if it has worked for you.


There is an African proverb that says when the King is advising his son you the servant should listen also. I have heard this book talked about immensely by Bob Proctor who is himself a very successful man and I remember in one of his interviews he was saying that he carries this book around with him and reads it a lot. So in this case I am going to be the servant and listen in to the wisdom of the 500 very successful wealthy men who were instrumental in having this book written and see how much my life is going to change. So here goes!


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      Surabhi Kaura 2 years ago

      I carry Hills' book with me all the time. He was a sagacious man. This specific book has been an eye-opener. There's another one by him 'Outwitting the Devil' - a great read.

      'Think and Grow Rich' is a treasure of wisdom. Opens the locked doors. I really like how Hill drives us back to some of the famous American personalities and draws the formulas out for readers to follow. This book should be taught in schools. An epitome of success! The crux of that book is "Have a burning desire" in order to think, believe and achieve. There are so many other pivotal and worthy points though... filled with pearls of wisdom.