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Third Journal entry of Dagda's Bowl

Updated on July 1, 2013
Celeste has gone mad!
Celeste has gone mad!

She's gone mad!

Celeste has gone mad. That is the only explanation I can find for her actions. She has told her followers not to trust any magic users and to avoid any contact with magical creatures. She calls my creatures abominations that must not be tolerated. I can only comfort myself that she has not called for their destruction - only that they be avoided. However, that is scant comfort for many of my creatures live in the same forests and wilds as her followers. If her followers drive them out; where will they go?

A war between Nature and Magic?
A war between Nature and Magic? | Source

It could lead to war

I cannot understand her reasoning. For her to make such a declaration is to inform the mortals of our dispute. Already, some of my followers call for my own declaration against the protectors of nature. Does she not realize that this could lead to war? What destruction would result from a war between Magic and Nature? It would tear the very fabric of the world apart. I must find a way to both calm my followers and make peace with Celeste.

The question remains of how to accomplish this feat. I now know she believes that Magic is the antithesis to Nature. Perhaps she believes that, inevitably, one will destroy the other? Thus, this declaration is to protect her sphere from what she believes is its worst enemy. I must confirm or deny this hypothesis. If she believes what I now suspect then I may have less time than I originally have hoped.

Magic requires Nature to survive
Magic requires Nature to survive | Source

Magic requires Nature

If this is her belief, than how can I prove to her that it is not true? Magic requires Nature in order to exist. My creatures require the environments provided by her in order to survive. They have been created to live in the forests, deserts, plains, rivers, lakes and oceans of her sphere. How can they then, live in opposition to the very environment that they require? Perhaps that could be my solution. If I created a land in which Nature and Magic lived in harmony, then she would see that we can work together.

I created my creatures after Nature and her animals. I am not as skilled in creating environments as she is, so I thought it would be best to wait until she was done. The unfortunate consequence of my delay, however, is that my creatures have always had to find niches between the existing wildlife. They have had to fight for their place instead of co-existing within the wildlife. If I created a place where both existed from the same time, then there would be no separation between the two groups.

A gift to bridge the gap between us

I shall start my creation this very moment. It shall touch this world, but exist separate from it. I shall create every environment that Nature has given the world. When I show this plane to Celeste, she shall find forests, plains, deserts, rivers, lakes and oceans inhabited by every creature found in that environment both natural and magical. I shall gift it to her as proof of my desire to be friends. I must go and find a suitable location to start, where it will not not disturb the existing environments. Celeste will surely declare war before I have had time to finish if I do not.

A gift to bridge the gap between Magic and Nature
A gift to bridge the gap between Magic and Nature | Source

Starting my Creation

I have started my creation high up in the mountains where none shall see. I confess that I had not reckoned on how large my creation would need to be. It is at least the size of one of our planet’s great continents and that does not include the ocean which surrounds it. Magic delights within me for this undertaking has forced me to delve deeper into Magic’s depth than I have done before. For ease and simplicity, I created new spells which work in harmony with Nature to promote its growth. I could have used raw Magic but the repetition of tasks made spells the wiser choice.

Spells which work with Nature to promote Nature’s health. They now exist within Magic itself. What if I were to give these spells to Celeste to make amends for the damage that my sphere has wrought? She could disperse them among the devout of her followers to protect and heal her sphere. It cannot hurt to try. I can do nothing further until my spells have set and the world is created.


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