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This car

Updated on December 24, 2015

I was driving home around 8pm then i drove across this lady standing beside a car,without being told, i knew that the car was broken down,i passed her but a second thought made me pulled over because i knew that she needed help then i came out from my car and walked towards her, i saw the relief on her face but before i could speak she waved at me and shook her head then cried out and lamented about the fuel scarcity then i realized what the problem with her car was.

"It wasn't a fancy or exotic car perhaps that was why no one seemed to pay her an attention". She said but "thanks for stopping dear, could you please help me call my sons".

A closer look at her as she spoke revealed everything about her, she is a granny and the Margret Thatcher kind of woman, most women at her age would be shivering standing at the road by that hour and to worsen it with no cell phone and beside a car that ran out of fuel but Mama as i called her was looking very brave and kept laughing at the situation as she blast the government for the fuel scarcity. After three calls to the son who reside in USA and no response, she asked me to call her sister who lives in Nigeria but after two attempts and no response, she decided that i call Pastor Tim to send someone to come and fix her problem but he didn't take the call aswell and instead of being frustrated at the situation, she kept singing Amazing grace.

I knew what to do at that moment but Mama refused when i offered to tow her car, we were both going two different directions and she doesn't want to stress me up but agreed with me that it was dangerous to leave the car at that spot so with the help of another motorist,we got a towing belt and ups! Mama talked and talked and talked while i drover her home, she told me how scared she was standing there and kept praying to find help then i pulled over and she had this feeling that her help has come. She told me about her family and her late husband, she evenhandedly brought up their two sons, one an engineer based in USA and the other a medical doctor based in Australia.

After one hour drive,we got to her residence and it dawned on me that everything she told me about herself was real, she has fleet of cars and the first car i noticed was a wine color Ranger Rover sports then there was a white color Honda Pilot, white color Mercedes E500, black BMW X6, i didn't want to be stupid so i only did eye counting but honestly, there were about ten exotic cars parked in her premises but my curiosity wouldn't allow me so i asked her why she left all the nice cars for the 1991 Honda accord i just towed in so she told me that she prefers the Honda accord to every car she owns because it was the very first car her late husband bought for her. I understood her choice, who wouldn't be fond of such car?

Mama knew that i was okay in life from the little i told her about myself but she chose to appreciate my kindness in words and action so after multiple thank you and a short prayer to God to keep me safe, she offered me twenty thousand Naira which i refused to take because she could be my mother and someone else would have helped her too.

Anyway, i left her but not without giving her my contact and Mama kept her words as she calls me every now and then to simply check on her son as she consider me as one. Monday, December 21st, Mama called me around 7am and as usual asked if i have left for the studio but i told her that i was still in my house so she asked me to wait for her in my house, she sounded different unlike the Mama that has been talking with me, couple of minutes later, i heard a horn at my gate and it was her, she was allowed in by my gate man but she didn't come alone, she came in the company of a young man who happened to be her younger son, the medical doctor,we exchanged pleasantries and the very first thing he did was to thank me for assisting Mama the other night, he went on to tell me so many good things Mama said about me. Honestly,i was dumb folded and didn't know what i was feeling because it's been a month plus yet he took out time upon his return to come and see me to thank me for what i did for his Mum.

He told me about the money i refused to take from Mama and also told me that Mama picked something the moment i untied her car from mine, she saw the surprise in me when i saw the cars in her compound, and i commented about the Black BMW X6, she said i called it machine and admired the color. You know Mama asked me my favorite color for cars and i told her that i like black cars and she smiled and told me that she believe me because i was driving a black car and that proves it. I don't know what you are thinking right now but i am sure that you are not thinking what i was thinking while Mama walked closer to me and hugged me then with a darling mamish voice, she held my hand and said something i truly know about myself...

"You are a good man, your kind is rare to find and i am pleased to know you."

I noticed that she squeezed something into my hand then she smiled and again spoke as she pointed at the car they drove in with...

"That's a black car, i like it but you like black cars more than i do, it's my second favorite car but you know, i want you to have it son, please don't say NO. We drove this far to come and give you this car and i brought Ben with me because he is anxious to meet you."

Well, let me cut the long story short but i am now a proud owner of a BMW X6.


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