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This is Autumn

Updated on May 24, 2016

The deep warmth of the leaves

As they trickle humbly

From the majestic trees

Red: the flesh torn

From the intricate skeleton

Orange: the flame

Feeding on the tender breeze

Yellow: the cunning grin

Of the mangled branches

Underfoot; from beneath

They cry and they cackle

As they ridicule me

Their calls tickle my ears

Loud, at first

Then soft and pressured

A distant chorus;

A crisp whisper

Like cold silk against skin

The brisk air caresses.

The wind is of smoke and

Of the promise of life

It is stale on my tongue

The assurance of death

So clear, so proud; the sky

Looming above in fresh

Attentive blue

So distant, so attentive;

The chill

Rushing in hushed voices

All to end so as to start again

This is Autumn


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    • Mae Hanson profile image

      Mae Hanson 18 months ago from Geneva

      Jodah, autumn is also my favorite season! Thank you for your comment! This poem was a lot of fun to write, as it had to do mostly with imagery.

    • Tarunponders profile image

      Tarun Chhauda 18 months ago from Roorkee, India

      What a great way of personifying Autumn. Well done! A very experiential piece of poetry. The image also is super.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 18 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Autumn is my favourite season and your poem describes it perfectly. Love that stunning image too.