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Poem: This is a Poem

Updated on January 10, 2015

Not everyone understands your story but they will understand your emotions.


This is a poem not a song

This is a poem not a song
for the awesome and for the sore
for those who once cried in grief
and for those who dine in peace.
This is a poem for you all.

The truth of life is not so kind
the tales they share are not so true.
Those who seek turn out blind
and this reminder is so due
for one can seek and never find
because life's injustices should give you cue.

Theres this gaping hole in the wall
and another present on the floor.
For the void in one is not complete
without manifesting from his feet.
Till hes completely consumed
without a clue
of anything that he ever did.

It rings so true of what we seek
if we are sure that what we did
were ever true or were ever due?
We seek changes we never reach.
We find the places we never fit.
For what have we tried so hard?
For what have we done so much?

The end of a story shows so much
that life is simply a mundane march.
We can try with all our might
but a firefly can shine so bright
and still extinguish without a fight.


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