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This is to you

Updated on February 23, 2013

Thanking You

Mighty lord, above

Has been the one who has given us all unconditional love

God has been that best friend when I needed a friend to lean on

Been with me when I fell weak and kept me to stand strong

He is the one who has accepted me with all of my baggage

Kept my mind sane, when those times I have had it

He is the answer and the unforgettable solution

He is the potent in the chemicals that makes nothing into something

I was able to finish that race those times I felt I were losing

Now who wouldn’t want to cherish that kind of loving

I thank you, Lord as you have been good to me

You have been that one with open hears

As I speak the words of my heart

While some days I spared a few tears

He has made what seemed to be never possible, into a dream

God you are THE Man

And if you never knew a man so powerful

Then you know exactly what I mean

Sometimes it’s a struggle and it may seemed as if I had to find my own way

But trust me God was always somewhere around Just hoping I didn’t lose my faith

As he made it happen for Jesus Christ then he can make it happen for me at any given day

He is the saviour of salvation

So this here goes to you Lord

My honor of you, my God my dedication

As miracles are sure to come soon-

You have been faithfully true

I have found the pleasure of your everlasting devotion to me

So I will keep stepping and kick up my feet

As this here Lord is a shout out to you


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    • janell93 profile image

      janell93 5 years ago

      To Icbenefield, you're very welcome.

    • janell93 profile image

      janell93 5 years ago

      Thank You very much, I really wanted to show the Goodness of God and how thankful I am.

    • lcbenefield profile image

      lcbenefield 5 years ago from Georgia

      What a great expression of your love for God and your gratefulness to Him! Thanks for sharing this.